Reset 2020

Here is a bit of a lighthearted post ♥️

When the stay-at-home order was issued in March, I was concerned about how I would do it all. (I am a masters student and a mother of three!) After seeking God, I remember hearing “reset”. I quickly realized that I was finally getting time to “reset” and get back to the basics. There were things I always wanted to do and I feel that I was given time to finally get to it …thanks to the grace of God!

1. Deeper Bible studying! I purchased some really good bible study materials to help me not only study the word but learn the historical background of certain scripture. I feel that my bible reading game is on another level now! Woo hoo! ❤️

2. Photography & Videography! I have always been curious about photography! So I got a cool camera and I have been testing my skills out! 📷 🎥

3. Self-care! Yes, I finally get to take long baths with Epsom salts. I am really valuing my mommy time! 💐

4. Family dinners! I always wanted to re-create my family tradition of eating at the dining table. My dad was so strict about it! Due to being a busy work mom, I would sometimes skip family dinners at the dining table. I am glad to say my family now has a fixed time for family dinners. My husband sometimes chips in to cook some specialty meals too! (Score!!!) Today he cooked Brussel sprouts, baked chicken and potatoes! 🥘

5. Spending time with the kiddos! Daycare and schools closed in March and now I have been my kids primary caregiver. It’s been amazing! When I was a full time working mom, I missed so many milestones as I had to sacrifice to help supplement our income. Now, we get to save daycare money and I remain at home with the kids. 🥰

What have you worked on during this period of reset?

27 thoughts on “Reset 2020”

  1. Making use of a time like this is wise. For me, more in depth study of scripture, family time, reading to my hearts content and the most enjoyable thing for me has been not having to do my hair everyday. What a relief that has been LOL.

    • Hahahah! Hey there 👋
      I totally feel you on the hair department!!! 😂 I am happy that you have more family time. This is such a blessing!! More in depth scripture reading is priceless too!! ❤️

  2. Love this!! I have described the quarantine period as a heavy roller coaster – one day feeling like I got it together and the next wondering when all this would stop. I am so thankful for good health and the grace and ability to also reset in this period as I feel mentally ready to be once again relocating across the country and starting a new graduate program which will be a change of career track for me.

    • Hey there!!
      I am glad for your good health too! I am happy that you get to do a change of career too! I too changed my career track with my graduate program and it’s super fulfilling! Cheers to you and I pray for blessings and continued grace 💕💕

    • I have gained a lot in this locked down period. There was a graduate training programme I was into before the locked down. Immediately after the lockdown, we moved to virtual learning. Now, I have completed two certificate courses. And currently I’m doing my internship with the company that trained us. All happened online. This year is my year of years. God is great.

  3. Love that you are having more time with your folks. And having your momma – personal time too. 😊
    Mine has been – having a consistent time out with God, reading as much as I can and working on the blog. 😊

  4. You have redeemed your time wisely! Good for you! My time of lockdown was very brief (two weeks), but I have enjoyed my extended summer vacation while being out of school. School starts back in the morning and I am hopeful for an uninterrupted school year!

    • Great to see that you have been working on the mindset!
      I agree on the stay at home order being bitter sweet. I miss quite a lot of things but I truly to look on the bright side💐

      Thanks for stopping by and I will check your site out!


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