How to create a list of Christian affirmations [40 affirmations included!]


This post is about how to create a list of Christian Affirmations. What is an Affirmation? Before we start on the list of Christian Affirmations, lets understand what an affirmation is! The word “Affirmation” comes from the root word “Affirm”. Let me also point out that Affirm is a verb (doing word) that means the […]

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9 Female Christian Motivational Speakers

Can you think of some female Christian Motivational Speakers? Well, join me as you read through my list…and feel free to help me discover more! Role of a Motivational Speaker A motivational speaker’s role is to deliver a speech that sparks inspiration, reflection, and ideas. Through one speech, a motivational speaker can set one on […]

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Christian Music Workout Playlist (THE ULTIMATE 20 songs!)


Have you started to create a Christian Music Workout Playlist and are wondering what songs you should include? Then this post is for you! I want to start by saying that I do not particularly like working out, but I try. Hopefully, as I progress, I can move to a more advanced workout regimen, but […]

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5 TIPS on having a TEACHABLE spirit (christian)

This post is about how to have a teachable spirit as a Christian. It is based on the current season in my life. I am someone who is very hardworking and ambitious. If I need to know something, I have a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach. I google, research, and move from there. This can […]

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BEST CHRISTIAN SONG OF 2021? (Inspiring)

Ok, so are you curious to know which song I am talking about? Stick around, I share about the first time I heard the song…. This is why I know this song is anointed… The other day I was running errands, and I decided to take the scenic rural route through the woods which is […]

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