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This past summer, I took the time to relax and become centered and present. I spoke about my wonderful experience in my blog post: Reset 2020. However, as soon as Fall 2020 started, I realized that I had transitioned to a completely different space. So, what changed? I started my advanced year in my master’s program a few weeks ago. I also started my 2nd-year clinical internship. Let’s not forget that I have become an untrained teacher, thanks to my children’s zoom classes!

Through the numerous responsibilities that started with the new school year, I realized that I was hitting all my goals. I was moving from one checklist to another, making a checkmark- done and done! I felt accomplished, but as of today, I realized that my brain feels cluttered. I don’t feel stressed or frustrated but cluttered. Feeling cluttered to me means that I am continually thinking and planning my next task. My brain gears are on overdrive. Once a project is done, I am walking around with a notepad thinking of the next box to tick.

On my phone, I typically get reminders to “breathe” and “pause,” and over the past 4 weeks, I missed every single daily reminder. Today I got a report on my smartwatch that said that the last time I took a breathing exercise was 08/17/2020- exactly 1 month ago!

Smart watch “breathe” reminders

As we speak, I am making a conscious effort to put some measures to “pause and breathe” before initiating another task. “Pause and breathe” doesn’t have to be in the literal sense. It can mean taking a cup of tea, a brief walk, or some fresh air in the yard. The “pause and breathe” strategies that I come up with will also help me proactively work on my self-care (yay HEADSTART!). I hope to share my new efforts to “pause and breathe” soon.

Have you felt mentally cluttered lately? How are you working through it?


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12 thoughts on “Pause and Breathe”

  1. Good to hear I am not the only one who has been going non stop. I realised i needed some alone time when schools were closed and kids were home full time. Being my daughtes personal assistant and running her zoom class schedule plus working full time.. I set 9pm every night to be my alone time, which has helped me reset and give myself a mental break.
    I hope you will continue to pause ans breath as well. great post!

  2. I understand how you feel as I recently started a master’s program in May and it’s a lot of work. Through prayer, the Lord has been helping me to stay on track and get everything done. But taking time out to rest is important. ❤️🤗


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