Made of Still by Heather Chesiyna

Made of Still By Heather Chesiyna

My debut book: Made of Still, was released on 24th June 2021. The book was named as #1 New Release and an Amazon Best Seller in numerous categories on launch day (i.e., #1 Inspirational Christian Book.) It also became an award-winning Christian book as of December 2022.

It is available in paperback as well as Kindle e-book. The Kindle version can be accessed via phone, tablet, or computer using the kindle app.

Once you are done reading, I would appreciate a review via amazon regarding your reading experience!

About the Book

So many things can happen in one’s life to destabilize peace. It could be core beliefs that were unknowingly shaped from childhood or even environmental experiences that influence us.

In today’s world, we are also inundated with so many outside stimuli from challenging world events and the ever-changing, fast-paced evolution of social media communication. Therefore, we risk being altered in how we function; we become conditioned to a chaotic and restless life. If we do not take the necessary steps, we become programmed to a world absent of peace and stillness.

In Made of Still, the author taps into her unique background of clinical behavioral health, her personal experiences and pairs it with her Christian faith and storytelling abilities to convey a unique, riveting, and refreshing message. The book will show you how to develop an attitude to find stillness and redefine it through self-development to find peace and remain still throughout life’s seasons.