90-Day Christian Gratitude Journal

Why I created the Christian Gratitude Journal

I worked tirelessly on this journal to ensure that it was released before my dad’s 1st anniversary. It is, in essence, showing my gratitude to my Lord Jesus Christ… For His tireless pursuit and His saving Grace…

See, my father re-dedicated his life to Jesus on 7/7/2018. When I received the news, I remember running down the stairs at 5 am as my sister woke me up to tell me that our prayers had been answered. We rejoiced!

So when my father passed away on June 17th, 2020, from End-Stage Renal Disease, we unanimously agreed that he would be buried on 7/7/2020. The number 7 biblically represents “completion,” so we found that fitting to be the date of his burial as well as a celebration of my father’s life.

You can read a dedication post about my father titled “Till we meet again (Farewell Baba).”

Aside from this journal being a dedication, I saw a genuine need to use my professional gifts to create a gratitude journal. Why? because of gaps that I saw when still working in the Clinical Field. (I explain this in my letter on the first page of the journal).

More about the Journal Structure and Layout

This is a beautiful and well-intentioned journal it has a smooth progression in terms of layout. The journal starts with simple guided prompts on days 1–5 and then moves to less structured prompts as you become more comfortable with journaling. Unlike other journals that focus on repetitive prompts, this one focuses on the depth of gratitude journaling.

how to use the gratitude journal

What this Gratitude Journal seeks to do:

-Help you set an attitude or lifestyle of gratitude.

-Enable you to reflect on God’s provision in your life.

-Support you to become more self-aware about your relationships.

Shift your perspective and help you focus on what matters.

Acknowledge each of your favors and gifts, whether big or small.

Note: If you would like to read about the benefits of Christian gratitude journaling, read this blog post that I wrote.

Warmest regards in your gratitude journaling journey!