About me

“Fear ye not, stand still…” (Exodus 14:13b)

Hey Friend!

I’m humbled that you are here on my blog!

My name is Heather Chesiyna, and I’m so happy to “meet you.”

I have always loved to journal. To no surprise, I started blogging on the Yahoo360° platform circa 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya. I encountered numerous blogging hurdles back in the day (cyber-café blogging & slow dial-up internet!). Nonetheless, I found that blogging gave me a creative outlet to share stories and thoughts. 

After Yahoo360° was discontinued, I toyed with several blogging ideas and domains and later settled on Made of Still ® in 2009. The focus of Made of Still ® started with random posts, but I noticed that I leaned heavily towards faith. It then evolved to what the website is now, a sanctuary where you can read life-transforming faith and motivational posts.

After almost two decades of blogging, I started my YouTube channel to complement my blog, maintain consistency, and expand my brand.

My main goal is to motivate, inspire, and empower people to pursue their God-given purpose and destiny authentically.

Cheers to rich and wholesome conversations, spiritual growth, and fulfillment in your life purpose.

P.S You will find my testimony video on my YouTube channel.


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