“Fear ye not, stand still…” (Exodus 14:13b)

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Who is the author behind Made of Still Blog?

My name is Heather Chesiyna; I’m the author, voice and creator behind this Christian blog. In addition to that, I’m also an Amazon best-selling author of the award-winning book Made of Still! (My book and my blog share the same name!❤️) 

A little bit about my professional background…I have over 10 years of experience in Patient Advocacy and an MSW with a concentration in Clinical Behavioral Health.

The most important information is that I’m totally in love with Jesus and am passionate about writing about my Christian faith.

Why the name “Made of Still”?

The “Made of Still” Blog is more than just a catchy name. It holds a deeper meaning that is rooted in faith and strength.

My theme verse is “Fear ye not, stand still…” (Exodus 14:13b); the blog takes inspiration from the idea that when we walk with the Lord, we are at peace or “still.” This state of being allows us to be strong like “steel” in the face of challenges and obstacles.

So, I guess you can say the name of my blog is a play on words. For those unaware, the phrase “Made of Steel” is often used to describe someone who is resilient and unshakeable. Similarly, as believers, our faith makes us strong and unwavering even in the midst of adversity.

I have always loved books and journaling…

As a young girl, I spent most of my time in my head.

Books were my BFF (Best Friends Forever!), and I constantly daydreamed about the stories that filled their pages.

Aside from farming, my mother worked at the Kenyan National Library, and my father was in academia and land economics (a graduate of the University of Edinburgh). Their interests and professions drove me further to my love for research and books.

Christian Blogger Heather Chesiyna

Due to my introversion, I faced some challenges since I didn’t fit the societal mold of what “cool” was.

Writing soon became an outlet for me, a way to express myself and make sense of the world around me.

I started writing stories, poetry, and essays as a way to explore different perspectives and topics such as purpose, identity, faith, culture, and social justice.

Journaling also become part of my daily routine – something I looked forward to every day.

Although I didn’t understand my drive for writing, I now fully appreciate this divine gift.

I recognize that writing is not only an outlet – but also a practical language through which I can use to share love, hope, and knowledge with others. 

The beginning of my 18+ year blogging journey

Yahoo 360

I started blogging on the Yahoo! 360° platform circa 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya. (So I guess you can say I’m a veteran blogger).

The shift was oh-so natural because I loved journaling. To me, blogging was a tool to keep a digital format of my journal!

Now it wasn’t all a bed of roses! Back in the day, blogging was a labor of love. Why do I say this? Because I encountered numerous blogging hurdles like cyber-café blogging & slow dial-up internet.

Blogging wasn’t a “hip” thing then- it was considered strange and “out there.”

Nonetheless, blogging gave me a creative outlet to share stories and thoughts.

After Yahoo! 360° was discontinued, I toyed with several blogging ideas and domains and later settled on Made of Still ® in 2009.

The focus of Made of Still ® started with random posts, but I noticed that I leaned heavily toward faith. It then evolved to what the website is now, a sanctuary where you can read life-transforming faith and motivational posts.

A heavenly dream…

My mom received a dream/vision from Heaven that one of her children was destined to live out their purpose in America.

She had no idea which child it would be, so she filled out green card applications for all of us!

To our astonishment, at that first and only attempt– I won the lottery at age 19!

Immigration opened up a whole new world of opportunities and experiences and enabled me to confidently pursue my dreams.

However, it also gave me great responsibility knowing I entered the U.S. through God’s divine intervention.

I realize that many were born Americans, but I was destined to become one. Just as we were grafted into the Abrahamic line through Jesus, I, too, was grafted to become an American through divine purpose.

Romans 11:17 states, “But some of these branches from Abraham’s tree—some of the people of Israel—have been broken off. And you Gentiles, who were branches from a wild olive tree, have been grafted in. So now you also receive the blessing God has promised Abraham and his children, sharing in the rich nourishment from the root of God’s special olive tree.”

Starting my Christian YouTube channel…

After almost two decades of blogging, I started my YouTube channel to complement my blog, maintain consistency, and expand my brand.

My main goal is to motivate, inspire, and empower people to pursue their God-given purpose and destiny authentically.

Cheers to rich and wholesome conversations, spiritual growth, and fulfillment in your life purpose.

P.S. Here is my testimony:

Where can you find me?

Socials are a big thing nowadays. But can I be honest?… The best place to reach me is via my contact page on this blog!







I appreciate you for taking the time to get to know me. You’re the best!❤️


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