TILL WE MEET AGAIN (Farewell Baba!♥️)

I have struggled to write this post for the past month. As a blogger, this is the first time I have been rendered wordless…

My father loved to sing. He would sing to us, with us and for us. He was an exceptional orator and would often open a speech with a lovely song. On my sister’s wedding day, he humorously told the bride and groom that the secret to a long and happy marriage is singing to each other. He broke in song as people laughed with joy. He sang the 1962 hit by Bobby Vinton.

Roses are red, my love
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet, my love
But not as sweet as you

One fond childhood memory I have is that of long car rides to our family farm. Dad would turn the radio off and urge us to sing songs as a group. He would heartily start the song and we would follow through. Although I am a girl raised in the 90’s, I have a soft spot for classics- thanks to my baba!

One song that resounds in my soul is “Till we meet again” originally written in 1880. My dad sang it ALL the time. Here is the chorus:

Till we meet, till we meet,

Till we meet at Jesus’ feet,

Till we meet, till we meet,

God be with you till we meet again

As I write this post, I can hear my dad’s cheerful voice. I can almost hear him sing it to me. It’s even more surreal, for I can only meet him again at Jesus feet. My father passed away 6/17/2020 at 10:25pm.

A poignant story I heard is that my dad (who had wheelchair-bound due to ailment) began having dreams of walking in the fields with my grandfather who had passed away in 2013. My father stated that he wasn’t confined to a wheelchair in the dreams! He had the dreams merely 2 weeks before his passing! 💐I am sure that grandfather was amongst the people who ushered my father into heaven!

As a Christian, death renders one truth- we are truly travelers in this world. We have a kingdom assignment and eventually, we are called home. I love the fact that as believers we are guaranteed to rejoin once our traveling days on this earth come to an end. We are reunited with people who loved us before (like with my father’s baba, my grandfather) and Ultimately, we are united with the person who loved us first- God our creator ❤️

To God be the Glory! My baba fought the good fight and I am glad to say he finished the race into the loving arms of our savior Jesus Christ.

Till we meet again baba!

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26 thoughts on “TILL WE MEET AGAIN (Farewell Baba!♥️)”

  1. Sorry for the loss of your Dad. These are beautiful words you’ve written in your post. I’m glad you’ll see your Dad again in heaven. I’m looking forward to seeing my Dad in heaven too. ❤️

  2. Rest in the loving arms of Jesus to your baba. Very beautiful words you have written. I pray for God’s presence as you navigate these times.

  3. So sorry for your loss. Beautiful tribute to your loving Dad. Yes, you will see him again, that hope is wonderful for us to have and to hold.
    My grandfather and grandmother passed away quite a few years back but within a month of each other. My grandmother did mention having these dreams/visions of my grandfather calling and waiting for her. to join him.

  4. Oh and I love that special bond grandparents have with their grandkids. Grandparents are blessings for sure. Mine was too! He stood in the gap for me when it came to prayer 💐

    • Hey there! I just read it… 💐 Beautiful! This line got me, “However, when you are celebrating that your loved one is no longer stuck in a body that no longer works, it becomes a joyous occasion.”
      My dad had end stage renal disease and lost functioning in a lot. I am glad he is in heaven walking and in no pain and suffering!


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