My Award-Winning Christian Book- “Made of Still”

This post will be about my award-winning Christian book!

This will be my shortest post ever since I’m deeply overwhelmed…and thankful to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My Creator, My Father. MY EVERYTHING.

How it began…

At the tail end of 2020:

  • We were in the thick of the pandemic.
  • I was navigating my Clinical program with a full caseload of clients.
  • I was still mourning the loss of my beloved dad.
  • & Other stuff I will reserve for a future date.

At that time, God told me to enter a new season- My calling as an author had begun. I hesitated and wrestled with the idea of writing a book at that time. Like, for real- so much was going on.

Still, I wrote the book in 15 days without creative input or assistance from anybody (no human being LOL). The only person who was there was the Holy Spirit.

06.24.2021- the book was released. It became an Amazon Bestseller in numerous categories. And as of today, I have been recognized as an AWARD-WINNING CHRISTIAN AUTHOR.

The Awards team didn’t put me in any category; instead, they put me as a grand prize winner. They deemed that it surpassed being in any category. What can I say? I honestly thank God because I know His hand is on this book.

And that’s it, folks… my award-winning Christian book

Made of Still Christian Book by Heather Chesiyna

The other day I watched an interview with Dallas Jenkins, the producer of Chosen. Mr. Jenkins talked about the story of the five loaves and two fish. Let me try my best to paraphrase…He essentially said that your work (and purpose) is to present your giftings (the five loaves and two fish) to God. Serve Him wholly, willingly, and diligently. Then the onus for multiplication is on HIM, not YOU!

Well, that’s what I did with the book. I wrote the book out of obedience, and the Lord keeps surprising me with the multiplication.

My encouragement to you:

  • If God is telling you to do something- be obedient.
  • Even if you don’t have resources, He shall pave the way for you.
  • Celebrate all your wins- big and small.
  • Remember that we serve a covenant-keeping God!
  • Never be ashamed of the Gospel and your identity in Jesus Christ.

Glory be to God. I shall praise him FOREVERMORE.

P.S If you are interested in writing a Christian book, please view my resources page for a free download of my guide.


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4 thoughts on “My Award-Winning Christian Book- “Made of Still””

  1. I am so happy for you Heather. Congratulations. May the Lord continue to bless you and work through you. You are a blessing to me, your encouragement, prayer for me and all that you write is something I am blessed by.


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