Standing Still and Listening in the Silence (Raw)

This post is all about standing still and listening in the silence

Today I’m coming to you with a relatively short and raw post.

I’m currently in a season where God is telling me to stand still and listen-even in the silence! I’m now commanding my Spirit to praise Him even when I don’t feel like it. It’s hard sometimes, but I’m choosing to obey.

Are you in a season like that too? If so, I hope this post encourages you!

Ready? Let’s begin…

Made of Still

It’s funny that in this season, God is speaking to me through the very book that I wrote last year. The name of my book is “Made of Still,” which also happens to be the name of my blog!💃🏾

Isn’t it always humbling when God circles back to the very message that you thought was for a season you both consider past and passed?

Honestly, I thought I scored an A+ in that season- #WINNING. I even viewed my book as solid proof of my victory! Lol.

Needless to say, God is speaking to me through my book- Made of Still.

Let me speak a bit more about standing still…

Fear ye not, stand still

Above my workstation, I have this verse: Fear ye not, stand still (Exodus 14:13b). This is also the theme verse for my blog. I look at it every day when I sit down to work on a blog post. I pause and ponder. This verse is indeed a core and integral part of my life.

Standing still means surrendering our will and desires to God’s will. It requires trusting that He knows best and that His plan is better than ours. Standing still in this way also requires an intentional act of faith on our part. We must choose to stand firm, believing that God is going to do something mighty in our lives.

P.S. I’m working on a blog post about standing firm because I’ve been motivated to write the post as a declaration of faith. I’ll be posting the blog post in a few days.

Are you listening- even in the “silence”?

How can one possibly listen when God is silent? What exactly is one supposed to look for when all one hears is nothing?….

Well, that’s what I’ve been asking myself lately. I’m one to look for definitive answers. I want my answer signed, sealed, and delivered with a beautiful bow that says, “To: Heather From: Your Heavenly Father!”

So, it can be challenging to stay open and listen when I feel like God is silent. Sometimes, I’m tempted to give up on the idea of hearing from God altogether or turn away in frustration (tantrums galore hehe). But I’ve been learning in this season that listening in silence is an essential part of our relationship with Him. It’s a way for us to connect with Him without relying on words. We can open ourselves up to Him and listen for any kind of message He might be sending us – even if that message is simply His presence.

Yesterday when I was worshipping God during my quiet time, I heard Him say, “Remain still and silent.” It was the gentlest whisper. Then I realized- God is teaching me to listen in His presence! And I did just that, I felt an immense peace come over me. God was speaking in the silence- He was saying, “I’m here!”

Choose to trust!

When we can’t hear His voice or feel Him speaking, it’s especially hard to trust Him and stand still in the silence. As I stated earlier, we often want definitive answers, but sometimes the only answer is patience as He works behind the scenes for our good (Romans 8:28). In these times, we must choose to trust God and praise Him even in the silence.

When it feels like God isn’t speaking, I encourage you to remember that He is still speaking. It might not be what you want to hear, but it’s precisely what you need! Take time each day to listen for His voice and be inspired by His truth (His Word).

Standing still in silence can feel challenging, but it will be worth it in the end! Choose to trust and wait on the Lord; wait on Him as He renews your strength (see Isaiah 40:31). Remember that God will make everything beautiful in its time! (see Ecclesiastes 3:11)

And that’s it, folks- standing still and listening in the silence!

Are you in a season of standing still? Are you choosing to praise in the silence?

I hope this post encourages you to draw close to God and choose trust over fear today! With God’s guidance, you can stand firm and wait on Him for the great things He has planned for you!

So, I want to dedicate a worship video to you (I know, I’m so sweet and fuzzy- right? Lol).

The song is Chris McClarney’s “I’m Listening.” This song features Hollyn. My favorite part of the song is as follows, “I don’t wanna miss one word You speak, Cause everything You say is life to me, I don’t wanna miss one word You speak, Quiet my heart, I’m listening.”

As I close, I also want to plug this relevant blog post that I wrote titled “9 Essential Tips When God Seems Silent.”

Love you loads,

Heather Chesiyna_Signature_MOS

7 thoughts on “Standing Still and Listening in the Silence (Raw)”

  1. One verse that my mother held dearly is Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.
    We sang that as a song at her funeral at age 93. When I read the Psalm and see that line in context, it helps me understand another part of who my mother was.
    There is so much power and comfort knowing that God advises us to be still so that the chaos around us and within us doesn’t overwhelm us and defeat us.


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