How to Find your God Given Gift (5 Practical Ways)

This post is about How to find your God given gift.

Today I want to share about discovering your God given gifts because I am passionate about giftings and purpose!

Ready? Let’s go…

Everyone has a gift but sometimes, people don’t necessarily recognize it.

Recognizing your gift is absolutely crucial in fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Some people think that so much time has passed and that they are unable to fulfill their dreams. However, I want to let you know that it’s not an age or time thing it’s a purpose thing! Abraham embarked on his destiny journey at 75 years of age! So you can start your journey- right now!

Giftings + Purpose vs. Career

People tend to confuse their career for their gift.

Why? People sometimes connect their giftings and career. While this may be true for some, other people should know this isn’t always the case.

Quick example:

Mother Teresa was a teacher at the Loreto Convent School in Eastern Calcutta. She served there for nearly 20 years and went on to become a headmistress. Even when teaching, she continued her efforts to help the poor in the slums.

In Joseph Langford’s book about mother Theresa, he writes that she had a great yearning and thirst to help the poor.

On a train ride on September 10th, 1946, Mother Teresa described her call to her purpose as “the call within the call.” She had a vision where Jesus told her to leave her school and devote herself to teaching and helping the poor. She then went from being known as Sister Theresa to Mother Teresa.

Her career was teaching.

Her giftings and purpose aligned with Mother Teresa helping the poor.

This doesn’t mean we despise our career, I believe that in our destiny journey…careers and other experiences sharpen and prepare us for our purpose!

Colossians 3:23

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

Giftings and purpose

For sure, I know gifts will ultimately lead to one’s life’s purpose.

Giftings and purpose go hand in hand. Purpose comes in when we try to identify what we are meant to do with the gifts God has given us.

People can misappropriate their gifts and never use them for their God-given purpose.

Giftings and purpose need to align.

My eye-opening dream about gifts

My eye-opening dream about gifts

The following is a dream that I had earlier this year that is relevant to this topic. For reference, my father passed away in 2020. This is a dream I had 8 months after his death:

Dream log 02/27/2021 (portions redacted):

I entered a room that appeared to be some nerve center. It looked important. Then I looked at some signs, and there were so many names and portfolios of many people.

There were also names displayed on a wall, and I could spot dad’s name.

The people in that nerve center said how dad did such a good job, and everyone is proud of him.

**End of dream**

Significance of the dream

The dream was so surreal, and I remember waking up and just asking God to reveal more.

I spent time reading scripture and meditating, and one thing that I can say is that the dream speaks to the importance of utilizing your God-given gifts! There is a heavenly reward and recognition for using them, we shall be accountable!

The portfolios I was seeing were perhaps records of what we are doing here on earth. I will do a deep dive on this in a future post!

Around the time when I had the dream, my family received a letter from a rural church in our village. They requested that one of us attends their anniversary and that my father played an instrumental role in building their church.

Then it hit me; dad had a purpose for church building. That was something that he was so passionate about and did so well! He was a kingdom financier.

When I was younger, we would travel to remote villages and often be seated at the front during fundraisers. My dad really pivoted his public speaking gifts and extroverted personality to bring people together to fundraise.

He went on to be on numerous church building committees throughout the years…even till his death.

When my father moved into his retirement home, he noticed no church to serve the community. So, he mobilized the community to build a church.

He would attend numerous meetings and ensure oversight in every step of the church building. When he passed away, this church officiated the funeral as it had become his home church.

How to find your God given gift

how to discover your purpose

Five ways to know your giftings:

1. What would you like inscribed on your tombstone or written in your obituary?

This one requires reflection, but it will point you further into the next direction once you answer this.

2. If you had all the resources and means to pursue one thing, what would that be?

Sometimes we fail to adequately think of our giftings because we feel like we can’t afford them. Suppose we could pursue that one thing without any financial restrictions; what would that be?

3. What is that one thing that you have done (and loved) since I was young?

Everyone is born with a gift! Ask yourself this question! You probably don’t identify it now…but it’s there and has likely been showcasing itself throughout the years.

For me, writing has always been a gift that has showcased itself. I wrote about this in a blog post titled: “Your Gift Will Make Room For You (Purpose).”

4. What can you do well, with little effort on your part?

Think about it. What can you do effortlessly and comes naturally to you?

5. What is the one thing that other people associate you with?

Is there a particular thing that, when people think of that, they automatically associate you with it?

and that it folks… How to find your God given gift!

In conclusion, I am so excited and motivated to serve God and use my gifts for His purpose for my life!

I will share more on this topic as it’s something I am passionate about.

Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “How to Find your God Given Gift (5 Practical Ways)”

  1. Reading your post made me think of Ephesians 2:10- For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

    Our gifts can lead us to purpose. I knew I was called to be a pastor, teacher etc. It took time to realize my purpose was to minster to refugees and immigrants and also teach ESL.

    • Wow!!!!! Thanks for sharing about your purpose as well as your gift!! You have a true passion for ministering to refugees from your posts! I praise God that you are a true vessel during this time! Thank you for your obedience


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