My Year of Rest; Jewish Year 5782/2022 (with pictures!)

Jewish New Year Planning

Every September, I begin preparing for my new year. So, you can say that I kind of get a head start. 😂

How do I do this?

Well, I usually study and analyze the Jewish New Year according to the Jewish/Hebrew calendar. This calendar is very prophetic, and I have often received precision revelations and insight in the past.

One profound year was Jewish Year 5779, which is equivalent to 2019. You can read more about the post that I wrote here and subsequently followed up with this post.

I love to study the new year because I want God to give me a vision for the year, and I want him to provide me with direction.

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish…

Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God's Voice

Over the past year (2020), I started feeling this intense desire to take a year of rest. I was still in the thick of my clinical master’s program, and I began to feel a strong urge to relax and utilize my gifts.

A bit of a background…I immigrated to the U.S when I was 19 years old. Because I had no family here (besides my siblings, who were also trying to figure things out, we were young struggling college kids), I found that I worked so hard. I was always that kid who had two jobs or had to do ridiculous amounts of overtime.

When I graduated, I secured a salaried job, which translated to long hours and working soooo hard to advance up the career ladder. Then when I left my job, I went straight into one of the Nations Top Clinical Programs that was intense. I felt like I had no break. No rest.

More contemplation

When I graduated, I received a job offer, but it didn’t seem right. I also registered for my licensing exam, but I honestly felt like a fraud. I knew that this wasn’t the season for going back to the rat race.

The desire now totally weighed down on my heart, and I wondered how I would do it. Then God reminded me of so many instances when he guided me and provided for me.

At this point, my peers were taking the test, but I pushed mine to 2022, knowing full well I had no desire to do the licensing. Something was going on…a shift of sorts, and I just felt that this wasn’t my season to go back to the workforce.

My Gifts

my gifts

At around this time, I had also just published my debut book, and I felt that this was where I needed to be. I need to be using my gifts, and I need to be doing what I love. Then I started getting confirmations from all over.

I also got a revelation through a dream that I pointed out in this blog post. Then I started to feel peace.

On August  8th, 2021, I decided to take a leap of faith. I spoke to my husband and mapped out how I could financially sustain the year. I then felt a massive load off my shoulders.

Shmita/ Shemitah Year 5782

Soon after my decision to take a year of rest, I started doing my research about the new year. Then I started hearing about Shemitah/Shmita. I was like…what on earth is that? Then I started hearing about “The Sabbatical Year” or “The Year of Rest” where Scripture calls for Jews to work the land six years and let it rest in the seventh.

Brethren, so 5782/2022 is a year of rest!

I cannot begin to describe how I felt when I found this out….but let me try

I thought that this was mind-blowing. It appears that my Spirit was already settling into the year of rest, which is why I felt uneasy about working and going back to the rat race. I was also totally undone, sobbing as I just thought of how God is just incredible. Everything came full circle. I wasn’t crazy. This was a shift that was truly beyond me.

I then found this video that totally spoke to me. Please watch:

Kicking off the new year

Around this time, my husband spontaneously said that he booked a trip to Kitty Hawk, NC, part of the Outer Banks (OBX). I found that this would be an excellent kick-off to the year of rest.

Here are some pics of the beautiful time there.

In conclusion

I feel that since 2020; people have been awakened to the importance of being present.

There is a great resignation of people exiting their jobs because they realize life is short and they now want to do what they love.

I know this may not be the season for everyone to do the same, but I urge you to reflect and ensure that you are true and authentic to the season God wants you to be in.

I was in the work grind season for a long while as I saw everyone build their successful seasons from the ground up. Now I am stepping in into my authentic God-ordained season.

I am at peace, and I look forward to this year.

Happy New Year!

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10 thoughts on “My Year of Rest; Jewish Year 5782/2022 (with pictures!)”

  1. Taking time to reflect on whether we are in the season God wants us to be rather than letting other things dictate begat we do. A good reminder Heather. I think we. An so easily allow many others things to dictate or influence what must be done. But may we heed to the spirits leading.
    Have a blessed day

    • Hello Manu 🌺 I hope you are doing well! I agree, we really need to take the time to reflect and ensure we are in the right season! I pray you have an amazing rest of your week and weekend as well 🙏🏾

  2. Our gifts force us to think creatively, outside of normal. Sometimes we must look at life from God’s point of view; re-evaluate our thoughts, motives and choices. Flow in God’s plan. Don’t try to control it. Embrace what God has for you.

    I’m from NC and OBX is the best!

    • That’s a deep reflection right there!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! 🌺🌺 I appreciate the kind words.

      Wow!!! You are from NC!??? I love NC so much!!!! I wouldn’t mind retiring in your state! It’s so beautiful 🤩


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