5779/2019- Revelation of The New Year

June 24th, 2018, I had a dream that I had a newborn baby. The baby was beautiful and perfect. I was a bit perplexed as I was given the next steps to go to the “upper room” and get the birth certificate of the child. I remember holding the child, and I felt the motherly urge to feed and nurture the baby. As I was walking up the steps, I also saw other babies in some waiting room; it appeared someone was taking care of them. I went to the upper room, and there was a nurse who got a birth certificate and placed the name of the child on it. The first name was obscure but the last name “Holy Spirit.” The birth certificate was then hung for all to see. I woke up and immediately started to document the dream. I recorded it furiously and detailed everything that I saw. I asked God to reveal to me the meaning of the dream.

When I woke up, I received the following interpretation: God is getting ready to bless you with a beautiful and perfect gift. It is a certain thing in your life that you have been laboring over. You will need to nurture and feed your gift accordingly so that you can grow in it. You will need to take the gift to the “upper room” by presenting it to God and remaining in his presence. Your gift will need to be anchored by the Holy Spirit, and you will need to seek him as you walk in its fulfillment. Your gift is unique and will be displayed to the world to the Glory of God. Lastly, I believe numerous people have their gifts waiting for them (the children in the waiting room). Although numerous people have their gifts waiting, I wonder if everyone will be in tune with God to receive their gift…

After the interpretation I received, I asked God for confirmation. That week, I received multiple confirmations through his word as well as through ministers who had received similar revelations. One of the revelations that blew me away was the sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts who spoke of the “Wild Woman” during her Woman Evolve conference in July 2018. The sermon was based off the pregnant woman in Revelation 12.

During Rosh Hashana in 2018, some ministers spoke of the Hebrew letter “Tet” in the Hebrew alphabet that has a numerical value of 9. Pictorially, the letter resembles a womb to illustrate fruitfulness and multiplication. After hearing this, I immediately made a connection with the dream that I had. I have been praying since regarding this prophetic year. I believe that this will be a year that many will be unveiled in their calling. All these years of preparation will culminate into this year.

For this reason, I believe that we need to pray and be close to God. It is often seen that the enemy will try to put up a fight and wear you down when he knows that a gift is on its way. Don’t give up. Be steadfast and pray for your gift.

Happy New Year!
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