Reconnecting with old friends (heartwarming)

Confession: for the past ten years, I have been so engrossed in my career. The busy career pursuit made me kind of drop off the face of the earth. I didn’t do it on purpose; I remember that I graduated from my undergrad, I began building myself and tried my best to gain new skills and go up the career ladder. Building my career translated to working long hours and domestic travel. Before my graduation, I had kept in touch with numerous friends from my business school in Kenya and high school. However, over each busy passing year at my job, I slowly started losing connections. Numbers changed, phones got lost, plus some of my friends also moved all over the world.

So this week, I finally joined a social media platform and found two really close friends. One was a roommate of mine in high school (it was a boarding school), while the other was a college buddy who now resides in Tanzania. My friend that lives in Tanzania was elated when she found me. She said she spent three years looking for me and would try and call old numbers and visit my old home, but fate wasn’t on her side. She wanted me to be at her wedding in 2018, and I just broke down realizing how time had flown and how much she meant to me as a friend. 😭 For my other buddy, who was a roommate, we spoke of life too and purpose. It is as if I instantly reconnected with kindred spirits. We were even catching up from the last conversations we had with each other with profound accuracy.🥰

All in all, I feel so happy to have reconnected with my friends. 😊 I am someone who genuinely loves history in friendships. I have friends from first grade that I still talk to and meet from time to time when I am in Kenya. When I think of all the blessings and opportunities that have come up from the time I left my demanding job in 2019, I still can’t believe that I wrestled with God to stay when he told me my season there had ended. Sigh! I love this new season!

Lastly, nobody talks about how immigration can totally uproot one from friends and life in general. 🤯Ughh. Story for another day though 🙃

15 thoughts on “Reconnecting with old friends (heartwarming)

  1. Aww, I am so happy for you that you were able to connect with two of your old friends. I can relate to being busy and dropping off the face of the earth – I am very much like that. I have eased up with work and that has changed my life.

    1. Hey there 🎉 I am super glad things have eased up for you! It’s quite the relief when that happens!!!

      Glad to know that I wasn’t alone with the whole “dropping off the face of the earth 🌍 ” thing 🤣🤣

      Have a blessed time 🎉🎉

  2. Glad you could reconnect with them. I teach ESL for immigrants, so I will be very interested to read your post about immigrating. Where did you come from and where did you immigrate to?

    1. Hello my brother! 👋
      Thanks for the kind words!
      I am originally from Kenya 🇰🇪 and I currently reside in America 🇺🇸. Yes, I plan to write a post soon about immigration. I hope it will be eye-opening! 💃🏾

  3. I’m glad you were able to reconnect with two of your old friends! It truly is a blessing when people you love and care about are able to continue to be a part of your life 🙂

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