Remembering Grandpa! (7-Year Heavenly Anniversary)

My grandpa peacefully passed away, 9.9.2013 in his sleep. It’s hard to fathom that it has been 7 years! Although we don’t know his specific age, we believe that he was born around 1909. Some villagers claim that he was easily 110-115 at the time of his passing.

Grandpa was a war veteran, and he spoke of how many people never came back from the war. He also built the Kenyan railway and a church alongside Italian Prisoners of War (POW). He became fluent in Italian as a result of this. 

Remembering grandpa
The smallest church in Kenya that grandpa built in 1942 alongside Italian POWs. The British supervised this.

My grandfather was a prayerful man who would wake up every morning at around 5 am to pray for his grandchildren. My grandfather (or “Kuga,” as we say in my native language) maintained his prayerful lifestyle until his dying day. His caregiver/aide confirmed this, and it warmed my heart.

This September 13th is grandparent’s day! I would like to wish all grandparents a happy day; you are loved!

❤️We miss and love you Kuga, thanks for sowing seeds into our lives and generations to come!❤️

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      He was truly a wonderful and godly man! I am so thankful that he sowed seeds into our futures.
      Be blessed and may God increase you greatly 🌺🌺🌺


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