35 Shocking New Age Practices in the Church!

This blog post is all about new-age practices in the Church

Friends, new age practices in the Church are on the rise!

So what exactly are new age practices?

Well, they are a combination of metaphysical beliefs, spiritual techniques, and ancient rituals that have become popular in Western society over the last few decades.

They often involve a mix of Eastern Mysticism, Neo-Pagan religion, and occultism. These practices tend to focus on personal transformation or enlightenment by tapping into universal energies or developing psychic abilities.

Unfortunately, many of these practices have infiltrated the Church and are being taught to unsuspecting Christians as part of their faith.

While some may look innocent enough, they can damage a person’s relationship with God or lead them down a path away from Him.

P.S. By “Church,” I’m not necessarily saying the four walls. I’m talking about the Body of Christ. ❤️

Ready? Let’s go!

What motivated this post (SUPER SHOCKING!)

The other day (like yesterday LOL), I was on YouTube, and a recommended video popped up on my feed. It was a Bible study about Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors.

Now, I thought this was interesting because Joseph is one of my favorite stories from the Bible! In addition, I uploaded a moving video on my YouTube channel last year on this very topic.

So I clicked the video to watch this “Biblical” Bible study that was over 1 hour long. As I kept watching, I noticed something else that really caught me off guard: the YouTuber started talking about… Chakras!

That’s right – they had taken the story of Joseph’s coat and made it fit into their own philosophy about chakras. They talked about how Joseph’s many colors represented the chakra system or the seven different energy centers in the body.

He was going line by line in Genesis, highlighting and making his ideological connections between the two. I quickly realized it was completely wrong!

Friends, I’m still dumbfounded! I remember thinking to myself, “Is this a hoax? Did I click the wrong video or something?”

Chakras aren’t Biblical!

The Bible does not teach us about embracing chakras or any other kind of new-age energy system – it teaches us about Biblical absolute truth from God as revealed through His Word.

This type of teaching that I watched is dangerous because it takes people away from the truth and leads them astray.

Friends, we must stand firm in God’s Word at all times. We should not be swayed by false new-age teachings or promises of power from other sources. Only God can give us true peace and joy. He is the source of truth and goodness in our lives.

Now look, I’m not saying I’m perfect! I am only, but a vessel, and I do make mistakes. But one thing I always say is, “Holy Spirit, guide me into all truth! Help me stand firm in my faith and stay on the path of obedience & righteousness.”

And if the Holy Spirit convicts me, I repent and turn away! ASAP!

Friends, I pray that we will yield to the Spirit of God during these times!

12 reasons why new age beliefs have infiltrated the Church

Here are the 12 reasons:

  1. Seeker-sensitive churches: Many churches have adopted a seeker-sensitive approach, which has caused a shift towards accommodating today’s culture rather than providing an uncompromising message of Biblical truth.
  2. Entertainment Industry: The entertainment industry and media can create the illusion that Christianity is just another religion among many options.
  3. Other “paths to God”: Religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and new age beliefs have been portrayed (or maybe shoved down our throats) as equally valid paths to God. This has lead to confusion and a lack of discernment (especially for the new believer).
  4. Shortcuts: The need for instant gratification in this microwave generation has caused many people to seek spiritual shortcuts. They believe this false promise of quick and easy solutions instead of requiring personal effort and commitment.
  5. New Age ideas appear similar: People are more likely to be drawn to New Age ideas if they seem familiar or similar to what they already believe, leading to the erosion of doctrinal boundaries.
  6. Spiritual Gurus: Social media has given a platform for gurus to spread their ideas widely and rapidly without being challenged or held accountable for what they preach.
  7. Syncretism/Merging: People seek alternative forms of spirituality that offer more autonomy than traditional church practices. This often leads to syncretism with New Age beliefs.
  8. Politically correct: Some Churches today are often more concerned with being politically correct than faithful to the Word of God, making it difficult for people to distinguish between truth and falsehood.
  9. Lack of discernment: Many Christians are too quick to accept new teachings without testing them against Scripture, resulting in a lack of discernment that allows false ideas to spread unchecked throughout the Church. (We need to wear our Berean hats!)
  10. Failure to confront sin: The Church’s failure to confront sin and preach the entire Gospel message has caused many to seek solace in New Age beliefs that offer a more positive outlook without requiring repentance or accountability.
  11. Greed & Materialism: Materialism and greed have become accepted as part of Christianity, leading some people to pursue wealth and success rather than holiness and faithfulness.
  12. False Teachers: The Church has been infiltrated by false teachers who teach a distorted version of the gospel that is more appealing to the world than the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To counter this, it is essential for –

  • Christians to be diligent in their study of Scripture and hold firmly to sound doctrine while being careful not to be deceived by false teachings.
  • It is also essential to pray for discernment and wisdom in these times of spiritual deception so that we may be equipped to stand firm on the truth of God’s Word.
  • Finally, it is crucial to remain humble and teachable before the Lord so that we are open to His leading and guidance as He reveals Himself through His Word and Spirit.

By doing this, we can ensure that our beliefs are based on sound doctrine and be confident that God will lead us in the way He has promised.

35 Shocking New Age Practices in the Church!

new age christian beliefs

In this section, I will not spell out what is wrong with each practice individually because I have a few cornerstone posts that I’ve written on yoga, enneagram, and other new-age articles.

At the end of this blog post, I link all these cornerstone posts because it’s super detailed with all the scripture to back them up.

Here are 35 New Age practices in the Church:

1. Law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that one can bring positive or negative experiences into their life through their thoughts and intentions.

People who practice this believe that the universe will respond to them in kind, providing them with what they need to manifest their desires.

This new-age practice has become popular due to its promise of success without having to do any work.

2. Crystals

Crystals have been used for centuries by various cultures around the world for healing and spiritual growth.

In recent years they have become popular in new-age practices and are believed to be able to store energy, amplify intentions, bring balance, and create healing.

3. Chakras

Chakras are defined as spiritual energy centers that run along the spine.

They are believed to affect your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

New-age practitioners believe that working in these energy centers can bring about balance and healing in their lives.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a physical practice that combines postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to promote physical health and emotional well-being.

As stated earlier, I have a super detailed blog post on this practice, and let me tell you, it is shocking!

5. Third-eye

Third-eye is the belief that one can access higher levels of consciousness and gain greater understanding through meditation and visualization.

Practitioners claim that they can access spiritual realms and alternate realities by opening the third eye.

6. Tarot cards

Tarot cards are described as “pictorial cards used for fortune-telling.”

So basically, one purchases a deck of cards with various symbols that are used for divination.

People who practice tarot reading believe that readings from the cards can reveal aspects of their lives, from the present to the future.

7. Astral projection

Astral projection is the belief that one can separate their soul or spirit from their physical body and travel through space and time.

Some people believe that astral projection can be used for healing, spiritual growth, and understanding the mysteries of the universe.

8. Reiki

Reiki is an energy to promote health and well-being.

Practitioners believe they can channel universal life force energy through their hands and use it for physical and emotional healing.

P.S. I will talk more about this towards the end of the post!

9. Meditation

Meditation (not to be confused with Biblical meditation of the word of God) is a practice where one focuses their attention in order to achieve mental clarity and emotionally calming states of mind.

It can involve focusing on the breath, chanting mantras, or visualizing calming images.

10. Feng Shui

Feng Shui is “an ancient Chinese practice of orienting significant sites, buildings, and the spaces and objects within them in harmony with the flow of qi (also spelled ch’i).”

If you check YouTube, people focus on using the energy flow of one’s environment to promote health, peace, and harmony.

It involves arranging furniture and objects in specific ways to create balance and create positive energy.

11. Psychic or palm readings

Psychic readings involve someone providing information about the past, present, or future through psychic abilities or intuition.

Many people seek out these readings to gain insight into their life and understand their fate.

12. Numerology

Numerology is the belief that numbers have special meanings and can be used to gain insight into one’s life.

Practitioners use numerology to interpret their name, date of birth, and other personal information to understand themselves better.

They even calculate “life path numbers,” so you know what to focus on as a blueprint for your life.

13. Energy healing

Energy Healing is the belief that one can promote healing through manipulation of their own energy body or the energy of another person.

This practice involves balancing and restoring a person’s energy field using techniques such as chakra cleansing, crystal healing, and sound therapy.

14. Spiritual guides/mentors

Spiritual guides/mentors are people who offer guidance and support to those on a spiritual path.

They provide insight and knowledge to help individuals reach their goals and progress further along their spiritual journey.

From the testimonies I’ve heard online, some people say these Spirit guides were actually demons.

15. Worldly dream interpretation

Wordly Dream interpretation is the belief that one can gain insight into their inner world by interpreting and analyzing their own dreams. This is different between Biblical dream intrepretation where God is involved.

Proponents of this practice believe that understanding our dreams’ symbolism can help us uncover hidden truths about ourselves.

Note: I’ve talked about this in my dream interpretation blog post. If you interpret a God dream with a worldly dream interpretation- you will either lose its meaning or be deceived.

16. Psychic Phenomena

Psychic Phenomena is the belief that certain phenomena can be experienced through psychic or supernatural means such as precognition, telepathy, and clairvoyance.

P.S. I personally believe “indigo” children fall into this category. It’s a New Age concept and there’s a lot to unpack on this. Maybe I’ll share in another blog post because I’ve done a lot of research on this.

17. Auras

Auras are believed to be the energy field surrounding a person and can be seen with the human eye. Those who practice aura reading believe that this energy field can reveal information about a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

I had one person tell me about this phenomenon in a Christian college (yes!), and I found it to be so bizarre. They claimed they could see people’s auras. I told them they were spooking me out, and I couldn’t be around them if they continued like that. They later confessed that their family was deeply rooted in traditional African beliefs, and they mixed Christianity and African pagan religions.

18. Jesus was an “enlightened being”

Some New Agers believe that Jesus was an “enlightened being” who taught a path of spiritual development and transformation. He was said to have experienced divine revelation and supernatural phenomena, which he used to help people understand the truth about themselves and the universe.

Tip: Please read on Gandhi & how he viewed Jesus as merely a “teacher” but not a Savior…I have mentioned this previously in my post on Beatitudes.

19. Channeling/Automatic Writing

Channeling is the belief that one can communicate with higher spiritual entities or “guides” to gain insight and knowledge.

This practice can involve automatic writing, speaking in demonic tongues, or other forms of communication. (I talk about this in-depth in my Enneagram blog post!)

20. Karma and Karma Cleansing

Karma and Karma Cleansing is the belief that one’s actions in this life can influence their destiny in future lives.

It also involves rituals and practices to help cleanse a person of past deeds or misdeeds.

21. Praying to angels/ angel cards/angel healing

Praying to angels/ angel cards/angel healing are practices where one communicates with what people perceive as angels to gain insight and guidance.

22. Love and light spells/rituals

Love and light spells/rituals involve using positive energy and intentions to achieve desired results. These rituals are often used to attract love or prosperity but can also be used for other purposes.

23. Astrology and Horoscopes

Astrology and Horoscopes are basically a form of divination using the stars.

It involves the interpretation of planetary positions to gain insight into one’s personality, future events, or destiny.

24. Enneagrams

Enneagrams are a system of personality types developed from the belief that each person has an inner essence or core nature.

Those who practice enneagrams believe that understanding one’s type can help them gain insight into themselves and others.

25. Follow your heart/intuition

Follow your heart/intuition is the belief that one should trust their instincts and feelings to make decisions.

This practice can involve listening to your “inner voice” (not the Holy Spirit) or relying on your intuition when making choices.

26. Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the belief that a person’s soul can be reborn into a new body after they die.

Some cultures believe that if you are good in this life, you will be reborn into a better life. If you weren’t good, you would be reborn into a worse life, i.e., that of an insect.

27. Nature Worship

Nature Worship is the belief that nature contains sacred powers and energies that can be tapped into for insight, healing, and guidance.

This practice involves honoring the Earth and its natural elements, such as plants, animals, trees, rocks, etc.

28. Vital Force/universal life force

Vital Force/universal life force is the belief that spiritual energy or force flows through all living things.

Those who practice this believe they can tap into this energy for healing, insight, and guidance.

29. Path to enlightenment

Path to enlightenment is the belief that one must take an inner journey to gain spiritual insight and knowledge.

This often involves worldly meditation, mindfulness, and other practices related to self-discovery and personal growth.

30. Many roads lead to heaven

Many roads lead to heaven is the belief that there are many paths that one can take in order to reach enlightenment or salvation.

This view puts forth the idea that all religions and spiritual practices ultimately lead to the same truth.

31. Sage smudging/cleansing

Sage smudging/cleansing is the practice of burning sage to purify an area or oneself.

This practice involves filling a room with smoke and reciting prayers or affirmations to clear negative energy.

32. “My” Truth

“My” Truth is the belief that each person has their own truth and that this truth should be respected.

This can lead to relativism, where all truths are considered equally valid, regardless of whether they align with God’s Word.

33. “Mother Earth”

“Mother Earth” is the belief that Mother Earth is a living, breathing being with its own wisdom and energy that can be tapped into.

This practice involves connecting to nature to gain insight and guidance.

34.”Do whatever you want or whatever you feel is right”

“Do whatever you want or whatever you feel is right” is the belief that there are no absolutes and that one should go with their own instincts or feelings when making decisions.

35. People are “gods”

This is the promotion of a “god within” philosophy that focuses on self-improvement and inner transformation rather than salvation through Christ alone.

Credit: As indicated (in the hyperlinks), some definitions are from Brittanica or Merriam-Webster.

And that’s it, folks, new age practices in the Church

Friends, I once had a work colleague who told me she was a Reiki master and light healer. She used to spend so much time aligning her chakras.

She asked me what I do if I feel “off balance or misaligned.” I told her that I pray and I read the Bible!

A few weeks later, she was running on the beach on a full moon after a new age session. She called me later out of breath, saying demons were chasing her. I learned much from her and how these new-age beliefs repeatedly fail man.

In closing, the Bible urges us to “test everything” (1 Thessalonians 5:21) so that we will not be led astray.

This means taking a critical look at any practices or beliefs that go against the teachings of the Bible and discerning what is truly from God.

We must remember to put our faith in Jesus alone, for He is the only one who can lead us to true healing and peace.

May we all continue to rely on God’s Word for guidance and cling to His love as we face the challenges of living in a world full of spiritual deception.

P.S. Boy, oh boy, don’t I have a personal story about the enneagram! I will share it on YouTube soon…(insert dramatic music).

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