10 Insanely Affordable Christian Gifts for Every Family Member

This post is all about Affordable Christian Gifts!

We all know that gift shopping can be expensive!! Well, we have met another challenge this year due to the pandemic.

Any guesses about the challenge?

My husband and I typically don’t shop this early, but we know there have been delays in shipping because of the pandemic. We discussed the Christmas list for this year to see our prospective gifts for family.

Once I started looking through potential gifts, I thought of writing this post to assist anyone on the hunt too!

You will notice that the gift examples can be used not only during Christmas but all year round!!

I have made this list super affordable (under $100) and unique. I will add more to the list as time goes on.

Please note that I have provided hyperlinks denoted by blue underlined text that will take you straight to the page to view the item.

Ready? Here goes…

Here’s the Affordable Christian Gifts List:

1. Bible and Bible Accessories

bible journaling

This wouldn’t be a Christian Gift post if this weren’t on top of my list!

Do you know a family member who has a worn-out bible that may even be tattered from all the personal bible study time they have been having with our Lord? Well, this may be a great time to upgrade their Bible.

Be sure to know which version they prefer (KJV, NIV, etc.) and whether they want a study bible or a journaling bible. Alternatively, you can get other bible accessories or even commentaries.

Here is a link to my personalized Bible that I obtained from the KJV store.

KJV Note Takers Bible – Lambskin Edition

For a Kid’s Bible, you can get the Beginners Bible. We have this Bible in our house, but the kids pulled a couple of pages from it. So we need a new one!

The Beginner’s Bible

2. Christian Gratitude Journals and Prayer Journals

You could never go wrong with Christian Journals and Devotions! They are super affordable and useful in the life of a Christian.

These can be targeted at any woman in your life. If you look for the journals online, I suggest reading the reviews and ensuring you are purchasing from a real person.

Why? Amazon is unfortunately flooded with opportunists who are producing Christian merchandise for profit. Some of them aren’t Christian, and neither do they believe in Christian values. I’ve found that sometimes they are poor-quality books or those that lack the heart and soul for God.

Here is a top-selling Prayer Journal. (Linked below). The author is a God-fearing woman who resides in Maryland! The journal has two versions, and the paperback goes for under $10.

Prayer Journal for Women by Shannon Roberts.

3. Sentimental, Personalized Affordable Christian Gifts!

Gifts to Christian Grandparents

I love personalized gifts, be it blankets, mugs, phone cases, candles, etc. If you have someone in your life who is very sentimental or even a grandparent who is missing their grandkids, this would be the way to go!

My go-to place for personalized gifts is Shutterfly, and I create my custom gifts with relevant scripture. One of my best-personalized gifts is a scripture that I wrote out in Swahili that hangs at our stairwell.

I started using Shutterfly 10 years ago, and its quality is excellent. I also use their canvas prints for family pictures since I find them safer around kids.

Quick Tip: they have insanely good discounts. Once I got a large canvas for under $100. Be on the lookout for their 50%-75% off sales.

Shutterfly Personalized Gifts.

Alternatively, head over to Michaels to get some craft supplies and handmake some gifts with the kids!

4. Men’s LED Light

A few years ago. I surprised my husband once with a personalized acrylic light that he hangs in his home office. He was floored and immediately called his friends to boast about his lovely, creative and thoughtful wife. ❤️

So, since this is a Christian Approved list, you can flip it and write maybe a favorite verse or even something sentimental like “Army Dad,” etc. I think this is such a beautiful gift that your husband will love. If you have a voice recording artist’s husband, you can maybe get this for them too and write maybe their favorite song. Get creative, folks!

I am linking the exact same small business I used.

ValleyDesignsND LED Light on Etsy

5. Etsy scripture signs and personalized gifts

Is it just me, or does Etsy have the best Christian small businesses? I frequently eye the scripture signs since I am totally in love with farm-style homes. I am still hunting for two pieces. So I will either get them from Etsy or Hobby Lobby.

Etsy Scripture Signs.

6. Tickets to favorite Christian Band

Christian Band Concert Gift

I am eyeing a couple of Christian Bands. I just missed Skillet’s concert in Virginia, and I hope to find one that I love.

If you know someone like me who is madly in love with the concert experience, this can be a good way by buying early bird tickets that are generally cheaper and presenting them to them as a gift!

Skillet Tour

For King and Country Tour

7. Bible Trivia!

There is always someone in our lives who is obsessed with Trivia.

Here is some Trivia that’s geared to our younger ones. They are affordable and can be suitable for a family game night.

You Think You Know The Bible Trivia on Amazon

Bible Times Quiz Challenge

8. Book from Favorite Christian Author

This can be a fantastic gift too! I believe in the ministry of books because if someone wrote an anointed book, it could totally spiritually shift and inspire someone.

My Tip is that you can get a hardcover copy for a few dollars more to get a more premium feel. Write a personalized note for them in the end matter to give a more loving touch.

9. Speaking engagement from Favorite Christian Speaker

This can be a fantastic idea if you plan in advance. The good thing is, most of the time, some of these events are free!

So, if you hear that someone’s favorite preacher is in town, plan well, RSVP, and then go to lunch or dinner afterward (but you pay for it, ok? Heheh 🤣)

10. Monetary gift or gift cards to service people

Christian Gift Card

I am sometimes stumped about what to give someone, especially if I don’t know them.

Over the years, I have provided a gift card to the school bus driver for our children’s route, and I then pass a handwritten thank you note as well. The bus driver in our route is Christian, and he appreciates the gratitude that I have for his service.

And that’s it, folks, 10 insanely affordable Christian Gifts for every family member

I hope this has helped you get a few items to cross off your list, or at least send you in the right direction!


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