Impromptu Dinner

My husband and I had an impromptu dinner for our 12th anniversary. We were initially going for a drive through pick up at our favorite Italian restaurant then we made an impromptu decision to go in! We were the only people (dine in guests) in the entire restaurant. Once the dinner was served we were able to take off our masks and enjoy ourselves like good old times. The ambiance was so warm and peaceful. It really made our anniversary special. Although we were there for less than an hour, It was memorable!

This spontaneous dinner really lifted our spirits and I believe that once people are able to do what they love, their mental health may improve too! I pray to God that things return to normal next year so that we have the freedom to do so ♥️

Bonus picture: Lasagna
P.S I can never quite beat the lasagna here! It’s incredible 😋

16 thoughts on “Impromptu Dinner”

  1. Glad you had a chance to celebrate like that and you are so right once people can do things they love, everyone would feel better mentally.
    Happy Anniversary 😊


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