Prayer for Protection/ Psalm 91

Psalm 91: 7

A thousand may fall at your side,

And ten thousand at your right hand;

But it shall not come near you.

I have spoken of my grandfather in numerous posts, he was a man of faith and was very wise. He was over a hundred years old when he passed away in 2013. When I was younger, I remember that he would wake up early and I could hear him speak in our native language. One day over breakfast, I asked my father why my grandfather woke up every single morning. Dad told me that my grandfather woke up every single day to pray for all his grandchildren by name. He would speak blessings and pray for divine protection. Over the years, I witnessed miraculous events- divine interventions.

One such event was in 1992 when we were on our family farm in Kenya. I was five years old at the time, and it was election season. All of a sudden, tribal clashes erupted. Our farm was in a low-lying area, and I remember looking over the hill as I saw fire coming down the hill as house after house was set ablaze. We lived in an area that was prone to tribal clashes, and we were in danger as my father was not home at the time and there was no vehicle on the farm. Out of nowhere, my father drove in and bundled all of us in the car, and we drove off. I believe my grandfather’s protection prayers held us. Although he has passed on, I know that he has planted many seeds through prayer that we will see into the future.

We live in a fallen world, and it appears to be more evident in recent times. My home country Kenya has not been spared as terrorism rocked the country at the beginning of the year with the Riverside attack. The goal of the enemy is to spread fear and remove hope from our hearts. Despite everything you hear and see, know that The Almighty sits on his throne and he reigns.

God has given us promises through his word. For example; Psalm 91 is a spiritual warfare Psalm, and it is a covenant of divine protection. If we dwell in the shelter of the almighty and declare his word and promises, he promises to protect us. (Psalm 91:1-2)

Above- 7th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet
Below- Psalm 91 with the Tagins (Zayins)

A few years ago, I heard a sermon by Mark Blitz. He spoke of the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet: Zayin. He mentioned that pictorially, it appears like a sword or weapon (spiritual weapon in the word of God). Surprisingly, the Zayin does not appear anywhere in Psalm 91 which is a warfare Psalm. However, if you look closer at Psalm 91, you will see little tagins (tags) at the top of each letter in Psalm 91 that function as zayins. In fact, in Psalm 91:12, Mark Blitz stated that there are 23 tagins. This emphasizes the fact that this Psalm is indeed a spiritual warfare Psalm. Every time you recite Psalm 91, you are sending spiritual weapons in the heavenlies.

Charles Spurgeon told one fascinating story regarding Psalm 91. Spurgeon tells us of a shoemaker in the 1800’s who wrote Psalm 91:9-19 on his window during the great cholera plague in Germany. Although thousands around him perished, the shoemaker’s business flourished, and none of his customers fell ill. It doesn’t matter what is going on around you. IT SHALL NOT COME NEAR THEE!

This blog post is a challenge for us not to fear. We need to know that the word of God has everything we need for every situation. I believe Psalm 91 was placed there specifically for spiritual warfare and give us protection. It is not enough to recite the Psalm; we also need earnestly to seek God and have a relationship with him. Like my grandfather, we also need to develop a culture and lifestyle of prayer. We should not only pray in times of need but set aside a designated time to go before the Lord every day.


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