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Hey Friend!!! Welcome to Made of Still ® ! I’m honored and so excited that you are here!

If it’s your first time here, I know that sometimes website information can be overwhelming, so I’ve created this page to get you started and show you around with some of my highlights.

Ready? Let’s go:

STEP ONE: Get To Know Me!

If you’re wondering about the person behind Made of Still ®! be sure to check my about me page to read my story. Feel free to watch my testimony video linked on my about me page.

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I’ll soon release a free monthly newsletter containing resources and guides to inspire and motivate you to walk in your purpose authentically. (Plus, you’ll also get a behind the scenes look at what I do).

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Follow me on YouTube to be notified when I upload new videos. Most of my videos accompany blog posts as I intimately share my life lessons.

STEP FOUR: Browse The Blog!

Feel free to browse my menu bar and check out other pages that may interest you! My blog has five categories:

Christian Reflections

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Spiritual Warfare

STEP FIVE: Visit Again!

I’m so happy that you stopped by! I would love to have you visit again! If you have any suggestions or want to chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

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