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Welcome to “That Christian Blogger” Podcast! In this series, I explore how living with purpose can bring us closer to achieving our God-given dreams. I’ll discuss topics like finding your true passion, overcoming adversity, and forging a path despite opposition.

This podcast is for anyone seeking to live their best life by pursuing what they are truly called to do. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or just starting out on your journey, there’s something here for everyone.

I’ll be featuring stories of those who have found success through their faith in God and relentless pursuit of their vision, courage, hard work, and perseverance in the face of difficult odds. I hope that these stories will spark something inside of you and give you the courage to take the next step on your journey.

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I invite you to join me on this inspirational journey. Let’s start this inspiring adventure together!  Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy the podcast!

That Christian Blogger Podcast – Where Faith & Purpose Unite. Join me in the relentless pursuit of our God-given purpose!

The DANGER of Skipping the Process! That Christian Blogger

Process can often feel like a tedious task that takes too long! However, taking the extra time (through the process) to go through each step in life is always worth it. In this podcast episode, I do a case study about a lady who skipped the process and lost her business. Here are some lessons I learned about this story and process: 1. Not following procedures can lead to mistakes or oversights that could have otherwise been avoided. Process provides structure and helps reduce errors. 2. Understanding the legal aspects of running a business is important.  3. Without planning ahead and mapping out your goals and objectives, it can be difficult to measure where you are in relation to those goals.  If you would like to read the entire blog post, please click here. Hugs!
  1. The DANGER of Skipping the Process!
  2. Value and Integrity: Christian Life Coaching
  3. Own Your Truth!
  4. Give Yourself Grace!
  5. The Beginning of Purpose is Sometimes MESSY…

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