What Is the Biblical Meaning of Snakes in a Dream?

Before I explore the biblical meaning of snakes in a dream, I want to give you a quick overview! ❤️

Snakes have been a prominent symbol in many cultures throughout history. They are often portrayed as deceptive, cunning, and evil creatures. In the Bible, snakes hold significant meaning and symbolism that cannot be ignored.

As Christians, we must understand the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams to avoid falling into enemy traps and deception. Why is this important? Because our dreams can give an idea/clue of what is happening in the spiritual realm.

This blog post will uncover biblical meanings of snakes, such as lies, demonic attacks, spiritual blindness, temptation, death and destruction, etc.

Ready? Let’s go!

8 Biblical meanings of snakes in dreams:

1. Lies

Snakes in a dream can represent lies.

In the book of Genesis, we see how Satan appeared to Eve as a serpent in the Garden of Eden. He cunningly deceived her by twisting God’s words and causing her to doubt His goodness (Genesis 3:1).

This led to the fall of man and introduced sin and death into the world. The serpent’s deceptive nature represents lies and manipulation, which are tools of the enemy.

If you have a warning dream that points to enemies’ lies, ensure you remain vigilant against Satan’s lies and cling to God’s truth.

2. Demonic Attacks

Snake dreams can symbolize demonic attacks.

Let’s look at some instances in the Bible where snakes attacked people. In Numbers 21, the Israelites were attacked by venomous snakes as a punishment for their disobedience.

Similarly, in Acts 28, Paul was bitten by a viper while gathering firewood on the island of Malta. Both cases show how Satan can use physical and spiritual means to attack and harm us.

If you have a dream of this kind, ensure you understand that we have the power to resist Satan through our faith in Jesus Christ (James 4:7). Please also think about repentance if you opened a door for Satan through disobedience.

3. Deception and Betrayal

In 1 Timothy 2:14, we are told that Eve was deceived and fell into transgression. Likewise, in Genesis 3:13, Eve states, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

From a Biblical standpoint, this tells us that some snake dreams warn us that we must also be careful not to fall into the trap of deception.

4. Spiritual Blindness

Snake dreams can also symbolize spiritual blindness in your life.

In Matthew 23, we see that Jesus refers to Pharisees as blind guides (verse 24) and blind (verse 26).

In Matthew 23:33, Jesus also rebukes the Pharisees and calls them “snakes” and “brood of vipers.” He was addressing their spiritual blindness and hypocrisy. The Pharisees were religious leaders who put on a façade of righteousness but had corrupt hearts.

Like snakes, they were dangerous and deceptive on the inside. Jesus warns us about false teachers and leaders who may appear righteous but are actually leading people astray (Matthew 7:15).

If a snake dream you had is pointing towards spiritual blindness, please ensure you ask the Lord to open your Spiritual eyes!

5. Temptation

Temptation is another dream theme we need to explore.

In the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4), Satan used a snake-like approach to tempt Him. He twisted God’s words and offered Jesus earthly power and riches in exchange for worship. But Jesus resisted the temptation by relying on God’s Word.

Similarly, we may face temptations in our lives that try to lead us away from God.

Friends, any snake dream that exposes possible temptation in our lives means that we must be vigilant and use God’s Word as a weapon against the enemy’s lies.

6. Death and Destruction

In Proverbs 23:32, we see a description of someone who drinks too much wine being “bitten by a snake.” This is a metaphor for the consequences of indulging in excessive pleasures.

Snakes can represent death and destruction, both physically and spiritually. As Christians, we must be mindful of indulging in worldly pleasures that may lead us away from God’s will for our lives.

Please ensure that all snake dreams of this nature are canceled and rebuked as soon as possible! Also, ask yourself what worldly things you are indulging in if a snake has bitten you in a dream!

7. Separation from God

In Revelation 20:2, Satan is described as a serpent who deceives the nations. This shows how he uses lies and manipulation to lead people away from God.

Snakes can represent anything that separates us from a relationship with God. It could be addictions, unhealthy relationships, or even doubts and fears.

As Christians, we must be vigilant against anything hindering our walk with God. This means once we have a snake dream that points to do this, please do a quick audit on what doors you have opened in your life!

8. Victory

Despite the negative connotations associated with snakes, there is a glimmer of hope in the Bible. In Luke 10:19, Jesus tells His disciples that He has given them authority to “trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy.”

This verse symbolizes victory over spiritual attacks and the power we have as believers in Jesus Christ. We must remember that through Him, we have the victory over any deception and demonic attacks.

So, if you have a dream of crushing a snake, this could signify an imminent physical victory that will manifest!

How to Evaluate Your Dreams About Snakes

  1. Consider the size of the snake – A larger snake may symbolize a bigger threat or challenge, while a smaller snake could represent a minor issue.
  2. Take note of the color of the snake – Different colors can have different meanings in dreams. For example, a red snake may represent danger or warning, while a green snake may represent envy or jealousy.
  3. Pay attention to the location of the snake – If the snake is in your house or workplace, it could signify potential attacks or challenges in those areas of your life.
  4. Observe the actions of the snake – Is it attacking you or others? Are you crushing it under your foot? These actions can give insight into the type of threat or challenge you may be facing.
  5. Consider your emotions in the dream – How did you feel when you saw the snake? Fear, anxiety, or anger may indicate areas of your life where you are feeling vulnerable or threatened.
  6. Look for other symbols or elements in the dream – Snakes may appear alongside other objects or people that can give further context to the dream.
  7. Reflect on your current life situation – Is there anything happening in your waking life that may indicate a demonic attack?
  8. Seek guidance from God – As Christians, we believe that God can speak to us through our dreams. Pray for discernment and guidance if you are unsure about the meaning of your dream.
  9. Seek counsel from trusted individuals – Share your dream with a pastor or mentor who can provide biblical insight and guidance on interpreting it.
  10. Trust in God’s protection and power – No matter the interpretation of your dream, remember that we have victory over any attack or challenge through our faith in Jesus Christ. Keep trusting in God’s protection and power; He will guide you through any difficult situation. 

And that’s it, folks, the biblical meaning of snakes in a dream

In conclusion, the biblical meaning of snakes goes beyond their physical appearance and behavior.

I implore you to keep trusting in God’s protection and power, and He will guide you through any difficult situation. Remember that we have the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions through our faith in Jesus Christ (Luke 10:19).

As long as we stay close to God and use His Word as a weapon against the enemy’s lies, we can overcome any deceptive or dangerous situation.

May God bless you and protect you from all harm and deception.

P.S. If you have had a negative snake dream that doesn’t align with God’s will, please visit my blog post titled, “Powerful Prayer to Cancel Bad Dreams (With Bible Verses!).”


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