14 Crucial Insights- Do Not Cast Pearls Before Swine!

This post is all about do not cast pearls before swine

In the book of Matthew, Jesus famously states “Do not cast your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6).

Question: Have you ever offered something precious to someone only to be ridiculed, or have it been rejected? It can be both heartbreaking💔and disheartening.

Well, that’s why I’m writing this blog post based on Matthew 7:6, which states, “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.”

P.S. This post is sooo valuable. Feel free to use the table of contents to toggle back and forth! However, since this post has so many gems 💎… feel free to read through it from beginning to end.

Ready? Let’s go!

My personal story on “do not cast pearls before swine.”

I’m a kind and non-confrontational person, so during my professional tenure- I often found myself in situations where people came to me for help — but really, they wanted to take advantage of my valuable knowledge and creative ideas. I briefly discussed this in my post on “12 Strategies on How Christians Can Deal with Copycats.”

After being taken advantage of multiple times throughout my personal and professional life, I’ve learned an essential lesson from Matthew 7:6. It taught me that it is sometimes unwise to offer something of value to someone who won’t appreciate it.

Now I’m much more cautious when someone asks for help or advice. Instead of just giving away everything I know right away, I take the time to get to know the person better and their motives.

This helps me ensure that my hard-earned wisdom is given to someone who will be gracious enough to appreciate it. By taking these steps, I’m able to protect my valuable resources from being taken advantage of by people with malicious intentions.

You aren’t meant to partner with everyone…

I’ve also come to understand that you aren’t meant to partner with everyone! Barnabas and Paul were serving the Lord together, but they eventually split and went to separate destinations as far as a ministry. That’s ok.

In my birth country Kenya, we usually say, “Imagine, It’s not a must.” Yep- it’s not necessary to partner with everyone, especially every person you perceive to be a believer or destiny helper.

I would also like to underscore that it’s important to control how much you share and whom you’re sharing it with. It’s something we should all keep in mind as we move forward in our professional lives. Don’t let anyone who is not for you take advantage of you – use Matthew 7:6 as a reminder not to give away your precious pearls too easily.

Slowly but surely, in my purpose journey, I’ve learned how to protect my time and energy from being taken advantage of while still being there for people who truly appreciate me.

It has been a long journey, and there are definitely moments when old habits sneak back in – but I can say I’m much better now.

Matthew 7:6 has been an invaluable reminder that I shouldn’t sacrifice my self-worth to make others happy. It is a lesson I will continue carrying with me as I move forward.

Quick disclaimer on: do not cast pearls before swine!

I’m a firm believer in the need to be of service to people! I usually give away heaps and loads of free information and resources- however, I’m always being guided by the Lord.

In as much as I do believe in free quality service and charitable acts, I’m equally a firm believer in using discernment. Please- get to know if someone is meant to be in your purpose journey or not.

Yep, it’s important to recognize who is meant to be on your path. People will come into our lives at different times for various reasons, and there may be times when what you want to offer is not accepted (or appreciated).

This doesn’t mean it’s wrong for wanting to help but rather a matter of understanding that the person may not be ready or equipped to receive such a blessing.

Therefore, use discernment when offering something of value so as to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

As Christians, we should never stop showing love, but at the same time, know who will truly appreciate it. In any situation you find yourself in, continue being kind and generous while protecting yourself through wisdom. 

I hope this disclaimer helps remind us that whilst we desire to assist others needing our help, we, as believers in Christ, must take caution and use discernment in our interactions. 

The parable of the pearl of great price…

To understand Matthew 7:6, we need to understand the parable in Matthew 13:45-46. This is about a merchant looking for valuable pearls. When he finds one pearl that is more valuable than anything else, he sells all his possessions to buy it.

This parable speaks to us about the importance and value of Jesus Christ in our lives. We should guard and protect our relationship with Christ because He is precious beyond measure, and deserving of our highest devotion. He is the “pearl of great price” that we should pursue.

We must make Him the center of our lives and prioritize Him above all else. When we come to Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Savior, everything else comes second. We should hold tightly to Him and His message; He is truly the pearl of great price.

What is the meaning of Matthew 7:6?

Ok, now with that foundation…let me dissect this part for you!

The Sermon on the Mount is a collection of Jesus’s teachings found in the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 5-7. It takes place on a mountain near the Sea of Galilee and has become one of the most famous portions of scripture in all of Christianity. Quick digression…I studied Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) from 1st grade to high school and this was always my favorite topics in class…especially on the Beatitudes.

Ok back to what I was saying…

Jesus’ message in Matthew 5-7 focused heavily on morality and holiness, emphasizing compassion towards others and being humble before God. Jesus references Old Testament laws and stories that would have been familiar to his listeners, addressing topics such as murder, adultery, divorce, fasting, generosity, and prayer. He also emphasizes how it’s not enough just to follow these laws – you must go beyond them by applying love in action (Matthew 5:43-44).

Matthew 7:6 analogy…

In Matthew 7:6, Jesus uses the analogy of a “dog” 🐕 and a “pig”🐖to describe those who would scoff at and blaspheme the gospel once it is presented to them.

As I stated earlier, It is important to remember that this does not mean we should abstain from preaching the gospel, but rather a reminder for us to be prudent about where we offer what we hold dear.

Jesus uses this parable as a metaphor for how we should be selective with whom we share our spiritual knowledge and truth. We should not waste time teaching those who are closed-minded or hostile towards the message of salvation, as it would just result in rejection and hurtful words against us.

Rather than spreading our truths indiscriminately among all people, Jesus urged his followers to show discernment when sharing the gospel. He wanted them – and us – to focus on those who are open to the idea of faith and have the willingness to learn. 

This way, our time and energy can be used more wisely in helping those people grow closer to understanding God’s love rather than expending it on those who will not listen. Ultimately, this is what Jesus was conveying when communicating

Possible characteristics of people to watch out for…

I firmly believe in the mandate to spread the gospel per Acts 1:8…however, some stubborn people refuse to accept it. For example- when Jesus, the savior of the world came, we see that the religious leaders blasphemed and rejected Him.

Please reference 2 Peter 2 to see some characteristics. They may not apply to every situation, but it’s food for thought:

1. Heretics: Those who relentlessly reject established church doctrines and embrace false teachings.

2. Self-Willed: People who are stubbornly devoted to their own opinions and desires, regardless of what anyone else may say or think.

3. Blasphemers: Individuals who speak against God with contemptuous words and an irreverent attitude.

4. Scoffers: Those who mock, deride, and make fun of religious beliefs and believers in them.

5. Arrogant: People who do not accept the truth or distort the reality of something (in this case, the gospel). 

This doesn’t mean you write this people off! You can pray for them and ask the Lord to send laborers into the harvest! You may not be called to them but others might be!

😂In Swahili we have a proverb that humorously states, “When offering something of great value to someone who cannot appreciate… it is akin to playing a guitar🎸for a goat; the goat will not understand or enjoy the beautiful music.”😂

Matthew 7:6- Be prudent when sharing valuable things & do not cast pearls before swine

Jesus’ warning in Matthew 7:6 is often used figuratively today to reinforce that one should be mindful when sharing something important with someone who will reject or ridicule it.

For example, if an individual offers their heart and soul to someone who is uninterested, they are metaphorically throwing their “pearls” (heart and soul) at a “swine” (the person). The person then tramples on them without taking into consideration the worth of the offering.

Therefore, Jesus’ warning in Matthew 7:6 serves as a reminder to be wise about who and what we offer something of value too. Just like you wouldn’t give a perfectly seasoned T-bone steak dinner🥩🤤 to a pig or throw pearls before swine, so too should we be mindful about giving away our most precious possessions – especially if those people are unable to appreciate the inherent value.

In this way, we can ensure that whatever we share with others is received with appreciation and respect for its true worth.

By keeping this in mind, we can ensure that our actions are aligned with Jesus’ teachings and principles and offer something of true worth to those who would appreciate its value.

This is an important message for us all to remember, as it will help us ensure that whatever we give away is received with appreciation and understanding.

14 crucial insights: detailed modern-day examples on do not cast pearls before swine!

matthew 76

How do you exercise Matthew 7:6?

Let’s review 14 insights on “do not cast pearls before swine.”

1. Be Holy Spirit-led

Make sure to stay true to your own values, but also be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit who can provide direction and clarity. This will help us make sure we act wisely in every situation.

2. Take time to reflect

Before offering something of value, take some time to consider if it is truly worth sharing and what the recipient’s reaction might be so that you can decide whether or not it would be appreciated.

3. Set boundaries and draw the line

Don’t feel obliged to give away anything just because someone else tells you too; remember your own self-worth and stand up for yourself when necessary by refusing unfair demands and setting appropriate boundaries.

4. Do not be afraid to speak up

While it is important to remain respectful and courteous, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion if you feel that something is wrong or unfair.

5. Discern if someone is taking advantage of you

Be aware of your own limitations and make sure not to give away anything that will leave you feeling short-changed or taken advantage of.

6. Refuse to be a people pleaser

It is also important not to succumb to the pressure of people-pleasing and to try to make everyone happy all the time, even if it means compromising our own beliefs and values.

This can be difficult as we don’t want to appear rude or uncaring; however, by understanding our worth and having a right to say no without feeling guilty, we can ensure our relationships are based on mutual respect and trust.

7. Don’t compromise your beliefs

Ensure that whatever you do does not compromise your beliefs and values.

8. Recognize true value

Take the time to appreciate your own true worth and make sure that this is reflected in any decisions you make or offers you share with others.

9. Seek advice from trusted sources

If you’re unsure about whether an offer should be made, seek impartial advice from a friend or mentor who can provide honest feedback without bias or prejudice.

10. Don’t be manipulated by flattery

Realize that people may try to use compliments or flattery to manipulate you into giving something away; be wary of this, and don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

11. Respect others

Always remember that other people also have rights, beliefs, and values which need to be respected, and finding a way to balance yours with theirs is the best way forward.

12. Let your actions speak for you

It’s essential to lead by example in all our relationships, so make sure the decisions you make reflect the respect and appreciation we should show those around us.

13. Always show grace and compassion

Even in difficult situations, make sure to respond with kindness and understanding, as these are the qualities which Jesus exemplified in all his interactions.

14. Take assertiveness training

Yes-this is powerful (insert African voice LOL).

I actually developed an assertiveness worksheet that also involved role-playing scenarios. I created it when I was a therapist.

In a nutshell, assertiveness training helps a person better express themselves and stand up for their beliefs and viewpoints!

I hope to go to my hard drive one of these days and pull it out and post it in my resources section for free. But for now, I guess just google or YouTube it.

Let’s expound on a couple of these points:

🌸Setting boundaries and realizing your worth – Do not people- please!

The analogy of dogs and pigs has also been used to describe how we should handle current relationships and set boundaries.

By understanding the value of our own worth, we are better placed to recognize when people try to take advantage or mistreat us and, more importantly, be able to draw the line on what is acceptable behavior.

For instance, if someone tries to use manipulation tactics in an attempt to get something from you that they have no right too, then it’s important to stand your ground and refuse these demands.

Just like Jesus warned us not to give “pearls before swine,” we must realize our self-worth and stand up for ourselves instead of giving in unfair requests just because we don’t want to disappoint or upset someone.

🌸Offer something precious only to those who can appreciate its value!

Offering something precious to someone who won’t appreciate it is one of the greatest disservices we can do ourselves. When we give away what we hold dear, our feelings of worth and respect are diminished, as if our efforts are rendered meaningless when no appreciation or acknowledgment is shown in return.

We can liken this to throwing a beautiful pearl necklace into a mud puddle, only for it to be trampled on and smeared into the dirt. All of its beauty and value is lost the moment it hits the ground because the one who receives it fails to understand or appreciate its worth. Similarly, when we give away something that carries deep personal significance without expecting anything in return, we, too, are left feeling like our efforts have been wasted and invisible.

🌸Let your steps be ordered by God

When you start on your purpose journey, it is important to remember that God’s plan for you is the best. You don’t want to rush in and throw away everything that has been a part of your life until now.

Instead, take each step cautiously, prayerfully consulting God along the way and trusting Him to guide you as He sees fit. Don’t put yourself in situations or associate with people who would lead you astray from your intended path.

 Listen for His voice as He whispers instructions for where to go and what to do next; be diligent and obedient to His leading. Remember that He cares about every detail of your life, including your purpose journey, so trust Him to show you the right steps at the right time. With Him as your guide, you can confidently move forward in the right direction.

In addition, it is important to stay humble and recognize that no matter how inspired and passionate your purpose may be, it cannot be accomplished without relying on God’s power and grace.

Pray for His strength when things get tough, and thank Him for His blessings along the way. With God leading you, there is no limit to what He can accomplish through you. So start your purpose journey with faith, courage, and trust in God! He will lead you to fulfill the beautiful plan He has for you.

And that’s it, folks, do not cast pearls before swine

Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:6 are as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago. Yes, Matthew 7:6 may be interpreted differently today and applied in various aspects of our lives, but its message remains the same.

Ultimately, if we all keep this in mind when offering something of value to others, then we can go on to create rewarding and meaningful connections with those around us.

By following this advice, we can be sure that whatever value we offer to others is received with appreciation and respect. This understanding will help us create strong and meaningful relationships with those around us and ensure that our own worth is not overlooked or disregarded.

Remember- Do not cast your pearls before swine!


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