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I have always had a great appreciation for arts and crafts. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the art of creating something beautiful out of everyday materials. I would handmake cards for my parents all the time. LOL. (I was giving Hallmark cards a run for their money!🤣)

As an adult, this appreciation has grown exponentially as I began to tailor-make printables and books for my children – from tracing printables, and sketchbooks to Swahili books.🤯Taking the time to make these with love is so refreshing and rewarding!🥰

In recent years, I have started making Bible printables for Bible study purposes. From coloring pages to crosswords and even quizzes, these printables help my children learn more about their faith in a fun and creative way. Today, I am sharing just a few of them with you – but if people like them enough, I will upload more in the coming months!

P.S. Feel free to use the table of contents to toggle between all the free stuff.

I hope you enjoy these printables as much as I do – and happy Bible activity fun!  🎨 🖍️ 💐 📝 📘 ❤️

Seven benefits of bible activities for Christian kids. 

1. Establish and strengthen the foundation of Christian beliefs

Bible activities help to establish and strengthen the foundation of Christian beliefs in children by providing an engaging way for them to learn about the stories of the Bible. Children can use these activities to explore the Christian faith, learn how it applies to their lives, and develop strong convictions as they grow up.

2. Kids become familiar with God’s Word and gain a better understanding of its teachings

Through bible activities, kids become familiar with God’s Word and gain a better understanding of its teachings while also having fun along the way.

By playing games or creating crafts related to scriptures, children are able to further engage in meaningful conversations about spiritual matters that may otherwise be difficult for young minds to process or grasp easily on their own.

3. Opportunities for family bonding time

Bible activities provide opportunities for family bonding time as parents and children work together to explore the Word of God. This is a perfect way for families to spend quality time together, talking and learning with each other while being productive in their faith journey.

4. Avenue for creative expression of Scriptural principles

Bible activities also provide an avenue for creative expression as young people learn how to apply Scriptural principles through art, music, storytelling, and drama.

Through this form of expression, kids can gain a deeper understanding of their faith while developing their imagination and creativity simultaneously.

5. Effective tools for teaching important life lessons

These activities can be used as effective tools for teaching important life lessons such as obedience and responsibility in an age-appropriate manner that helps children better comprehend these concepts more easily than if they came from a lecture or sermon alone.

6. Encourage positive behavior and reinforce strong values

The use of bible activities can also encourage positive behavior and reinforce strong values in young people as they are presented with the consequences of their choices in the Bible.

By understanding how their decisions can affect their lives, children are more likely to make better decisions when faced with similar situations in real life.

7. Fun way for kids to connect with God and other fellow believers

Lastly, bible activities provide a fun way for kids to connect with God, family, and other fellow believers by having meaningful conversations about spiritual matters while engaging in enjoyable activities.

Through this form of fellowship, children learn how others view faith challenges and how they find strength through Christ Jesus. By involving themselves in bible activities, Christian kids are able to deepen their relationship with God and gain an even better understanding of the Christian faith.

Free Christian Alphabet Tracing & Coloring Printable

One of the most popular Bible activities for kids is Christian Alphabet Coloring. This activity helps children explore their creativity by allowing them to color in the alphabet with teacher-approved tracing fonts. It also helps them become more familiar with some of the words used in the Bible and their meanings.

Contents: (28 pages with teacher-approved tracing fonts)

Age recommendation: 2-5 years because of the tracing lines and coloring.

free printable bible activity sheets

Free Bible Verses Crossword Puzzles Printable

Crossword puzzles are another great way to help kids master Bible verses and better understand scripture. These puzzles challenge young minds as they search for answers based on clues related to Bible stories, characters, and themes.

Contents: (10 pages with answers)

Age recommendation: Elementary… But because some of the verses may be complex for their age…. I encourage you to help them look up the verses and have a conversation with them! Highlight the verses they most resonate with and perhaps turn them into a memory verse!

christian activities for kids

Free Biblical-Themed Word Searches Printable

Word searches are an excellent way for children to explore different Biblical themes while also having fun. With these theme-based word searches, kids can learn about different topics, such as fruits of the Spirit, the twelve disciples, and other stories from the Bible.

Contents: (11 pages with answers)

Age recommendation: Everyone! This is so much fun (parents included!). But if I say an age, I think elementary school kids will enjoy it so much! I love having a dialogue re: the themes with my kids as we search for the words!

bible activities for youth

Free 14-Day Kids Bible Study Printable

14-Day Kids’ Bible studies are perfect for those who want to dig deeper into understanding the scriptures. These short lessons provide an opportunity for kids to study the Bible in a group setting and gain insight on various topics like Jesus’ ministry and miracles and Noah’s ark — all with ample journaling space!

Contents: (33 pages with journaling space)

Age recommendation: Because of the journaling and comprehension component, I would suggest around age 7 but again, improvise! As parents I know we are super good at that! So it can be for younger kids too!

free bible games for kids

Free Bible Character-Themed Mazes Printable

Finally, fun Bible mazes offer another way for children to have fun while learning about different Bible characters and stories. These mazes will help kids understand key points of scripture better as they navigate through each level in a maze.

These five activities are just a few examples of how parents can engage their Christian children in Bible study. With the right activities, kids can learn more about the Bible and gain a deeper knowledge of God’s Word.

Contents: (11 pages with answers)

Age recommendation: Ok, these mazes are somewhat complex, so maybe not appropriate for the super young children. So…I would say- “you decide.” Have the children use a pencil to trace and erase as they try to solve this!

bible activities for 2 year olds

Bible Study Tips: Bible activities for Kids

I included this in one of the printables…and I think its best I include this portion on here as well.

Here are some essential tips when conducting Bible study with children:

1. Start by reading the Bible with your child.

Begin by introducing them to the Bible, and choose a short passage that speaks to your family’s values and beliefs. Talk together about what it means, discuss how to apply it in their life, or use word definitions or stories from other parts of Scripture to help explain difficult concepts.

Please use Bible gateway’s International Children’s Bible online if you don’t have a Bible handy. However, I recommend you gift your child a children’s Bible.

2. Make Bible study interactive and fun!

If you’re studying with young children, try incorporating activities like coloring pages, puppets, or storytelling into your lessons. This can help keep kids engaged and make learning enjoyable for all ages.

3. Encourage questions!

Asking questions is an essential part of understanding any material – including bible stories. Encourage your kids to ask questions and explain their thoughts on the material. It will help them gain a deeper understanding of its meaning.

4. Have an open mind and heart.

When studying scripture with children it is important to approach it with an open mind and be willing to answer any questions honestly and lovingly. This can help foster meaningful conversations about faith and God’s love for us, as well as strengthen the bond between parent and child through shared learning experiences.

5. Conclude each Bible study session with prayer!

This can be a simple yet powerful way to end each bible study session. Pray together over what you’ve learned, thank God for His words, or just take some time in silence to reflect on all that you have read together.

With these tips, you and your children can build a strong foundation of faith that will last a lifetime!

And that’s it, folks, Bible activities for Kids

It is clear that Bible activities for kids are essential for young Christians to grow in their faith and gain a sound knowledge of scripture.

By providing an engaging way for children to learn and explore God’s word, these activities can be beneficial in helping kids develop strong convictions about the Christian faith and instilling positive values as they grow up.

As I’ve harped throughout the post-It is important for parents to provide their children with opportunities to participate in such activities so that they may have a firm foundation on which to build upon as they enter adulthood. I personally grew up in the church and these activities were super helpful for memory verses!

With all this said, it is exciting to see how creative and fun bible activities can be while also serving as an effective tool in teaching meaningful spiritual lessons at the same time. Christian kids are sure to be blessed by the experience!

I hope these printables will bring a little extra joy to your life and your home – just as they do for mine.  🤗🤗🤗

Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

P.S. For more freebies for adults, check out my resource tab!


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