How to Get a Prayer Answered in 24 hours (Gimmick or Genuine?)

This post is all about how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours

Have you ever prayed for something and then felt like you needed to take matters into your own hands? You weren’t sure if God was going to answer your prayer, so you decided to try a different approach. This is when people become so desperate for an answer that they turn to Google in order to find a quick solution. They may even google “how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours.”

In this blog post, I will discuss this topic in-depth and explain that this “24-Hour Answered Prayers” approach often leads to disappointment. I will also talk about other alternatives to get answers, like the Esther Fast, and how these alternatives can help us get our prayers answered in alignment with God’s will.

Ready? Let’s go!

Why I’m writing this blog post (my take)

I was recently faced with a situation where I needed a prayer answered as soon as possible. So my question to you…are you desperate for an answer to your prayers?

Well, if your answer is yes, you have probably heard the gimmicks about how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours. It’s like a crash course to getting an instant response from God. It reminds me of those strange instant solutions like drinking lemon water for seven days to burn belly fat (spoiler alert- it doesn’t work, LOL)

So while I believe there are such things as instant miraculous answers and supernatural interventions, I don’t think we should ever give into our flesh to guide the outcome. We should always surrender to God. This is why I’m writing this blog post.❤️

Five dangers of such “instant” prayers

The idea of getting an answered prayer in 24 hours is alluring, especially when facing a troubling situation.

Unfortunately, attempting to manipulate how and when God answers our prayers can be dangerous for several reasons:

1. It implies that we know better than God

This kind of thinking suggests that we can control how and when God answers our prayers. It puts us in the position of deciding how He should act instead of allowing Him to answer according to His perfect will and timing.

2. It makes us impatient

Waiting on the Lord requires faith and patience. If we expect Him to answer within 24 hours, it is easier for us to become frustrated with what seems like an “empty” promise or delay in His answer.

3. Sets us up for disappointment

If our expectations of how and when God will answer don’t come to pass, then it is easy for us to become discouraged and feel as if He doesn’t care or respond to our prayers.

4. Causes us to trust in ourselves rather than God

When we set arbitrary deadlines on how and when we expect God’s answers, we can be tempted to take matters into our own hands and figure out how the situation should be resolved on our own terms.

5. It can lead to a lack of faith

The more time passes between prayer and answered prayer, the easier it is for doubt to creep in and overshadow any hope of an answer from God. Doubt can lead to a lack of faith, which only weakens our connection with Him.

Ultimately, we may think that setting a deadline for how and when God should answer our prayers is the most effective way of getting an answer. However, it’s important to remember that any attempts at manipulation will not yield the desired results and can actually be more detrimental than helpful in the long run.

Therefore, instead of manipulating how and when God should act, we should focus on aligning ourselves with His will. By doing this, we are sure to receive an answer in due time – even if it’s not within 24 hours.

The Psychology of Reframing: How To Change Your Mindset for Answered Prayers

Allow me to wear my clinical hat for a second…

When we’re in desperate need of something, it’s essential that we take the time to reframe our mindset. In psychology, reframing is the process of changing how we view a situation. When it comes to waiting for answered prayers, this is critical. If we focus on our lack and desperation, we will only become more frustrated and impatient. However, if we focus on God and spend time with Him, we can see the opportunity that this season presents. We can use it as an opportunity to grow closer to Him and testify of His faithfulness. With patience, God will answer our prayers in His perfect timing!

Patience is key in this process of reframing. So often, we focus on what we don’t have, and it’s easy to become impatient waiting for God to answer our prayers. However, by focusing on His promises and spending time with Him in prayer and meditation, we can learn to be patient and trust that He will answer us when the time is right.

When it comes to answered prayers, the psychology of reframing is essential. We must take the time to look at things from God’s perspective and recognize that He knows best. With faithfulness, He will answer our prayers! It is only through trusting Him and having patience that we will find peace during these times of desperate need. 

Seven alternative tips to getting your prayers answered

As I explained earlier, people sometimes want to control how their prayer request turns out: when it will be granted and how soon it will be accomplished. But this isn’t how God works. Instead of manipulating the outcome of our prayers, here are seven other ways that can help you get your answers faster:

1. Esther Fast

The Esther fast is a three-day fast in which you eliminate all food and drink except water. During this time of fasting, pray to God for the answer to your prayer request.

2. Connect with God and Pray

Spend time with God, connecting through prayer. Pray from the heart, believing God can handle the issue no matter how big or small it might be.

3. Listen to His Voice

In everything you do, try to seek out what God is saying about your situation and how He wants you to proceed. Ask Him questions; He will provide answers – even if they’re not what we expect or want right away.

If you want to learn more about discernment, read this post that also has a comprehensive YouTube video linked, “8 Super Insights on the Spiritual Gift of Discernment.”

4. Place Your Trust in Him

Instead of focusing on how to get your answer quickly, trust that God has a plan and will provide an answer in His own time.

5. Stay in Alignment with His Will

Don’t try to manipulate the outcome of your prayer request. Instead, align yourself with God’s will. Ask God how He wants you to handle this situation and how He wants it resolved.

6. Believe the Prayer is Already Answered

Have faith that God has already answered your prayers – even if you don’t have the answer yet.

7. Stop Manipulating the Outcome

We can easily become obsessed with getting our answers faster or manipulating how they come about; but this only hinders us from hearing how God actually wants us to proceed.

Esther Fast for divine answers and supernatural turnaround

The Esther Fast is based on the story of Esther, a Jewish woman the King chose to be his queen. When Esther discovered that her people were going to be destroyed, she asked Mordecai (her cousin) to call for a three-day fast. Esther and all the Jews prayed and fasted during this time, so that Esther could make an appeal before the King who saved her people. It is important to note that Esther was obedient and brave in her approach, which resulted in a divine turnaround for her people. (Book reference: Esther 1-10)

The Esther Fast has become a time-honored tradition that can help Christians get prayers answered quickly. Believers have used this fast for centuries to obtain quick turnaround in difficult situations. If you are facing a challenging situation and want God’s intervention, consider following the Esther Fast guidelines that I will share below.

The Esther Fast guidelines are simple yet profound:

  • Abstain from food and water for three days while focusing on Bible study, worship, and meditation.
  • The Esther Fast also requires one to dedicate their hands and heart to God in prayer for the duration of the fast.
  • It’s crucial to ensure that your prayers align with God’s will – He will not answer prayers that are against His purpose or plan.
  • It is also important to note that Esther’s fast was preceded by a time of repentance and preparation.
  • Remember that the Esther Fast is not about deprivation – it is about placing all our hopes in God, trusting Him to intervene in difficult situations, and relinquishing control so He can work in our lives.

Other options are available for those who cannot abstain from food and water for three days due to health concerns. You can still experience the Esther Fast benefits through prayer and Bible study – set aside some uninterrupted time each day devoted solely to God’s word and coming before Him in prayer. Additionally, you could make adjustments such as only fasting one day a week or limiting your intake on certain days instead of completely abstaining from food and water.

Esther Fast takeaways…

Esther’s story teaches us that even in our darkest hour, God is with us and will provide a way out if we call on Him and trust Him. The Esther Fast can be a powerful tool to help you get your prayers answered quickly, so give it a try! I’ve witnessed supernatural answers using this blueprint. (I’m holding off on giving details of the testimonies; I will share them once the Lord releases me to share! ❤️)

I need to stress- by trying the Esther Fast; we can open ourselves up more easily to hearing God’s voice and understanding how He wants us to proceed in our situations – which is always in alignment with His will. If you’re desperate for an answer to a prayer, take the time to fast, pray, and be open to how God wants your situation to unfold. You never know how He might show up and how it could change everything for the better!

With faith and perseverance, you can walk through any situation knowing that the Lord is walking beside you. May the Esther Fast bring courage and hope to all who seek God’s divine answers and turnaround!

If you want to learn more about fasting, please read this beginner-friendly blog post, “8 Tips on How to Fast and Pray for a Breakthrough (Beginner Friendly).”

And that’s it, folks, my take on how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours

So, in a nutshell, if you were to ask me, “Heather, how do I get a prayer answered in 24 hours.” I would probably respond like this, “Well…” and explain the importance of shifting your focus. Don’t focus on your problem. Focus on our God.

So I know I’ve gone a roundabout way in answering this question. However, I believe this is precisely the best way to answer it. I know that isn’t exactly what one wants to hear when things are going South so quickly (I know this firsthand!). But it’s the right thing. We are Christians; we aren’t using divination, darkness, deceit, and fleshly control to get an outcome. We are turning our gaze and surrendering to God. This is what makes our faith so different.

As I end, always ask yourself whether you are in alignment with how God wants the situation resolved. Remember, don’t be fooled by gimmicks that promise instant answers. That’s purely a slippery slope. Place your trust in God and allow Him to answer in His own time. He will always guide you to make the right decision and answer your prayers according to His will.


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