20 Female Christian Motivational Speakers

Can you think of some female Christian Motivational Speakers? Well, join me as you read through my list…and feel free to help me discover more!

Role of a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker’s role is to deliver a speech that sparks inspiration, reflection, and ideas.

Through one speech, a motivational speaker can set one on a path of self-discovery!

Motivational speeches can be profound to the point of causing a revolution like Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” or “Three dimensions of Life speech,” which is sometimes captured in a snippet called “What is your life’s blueprint.”

Are Motivational Speakers Outdated?

Okay, some people criticize motivational speakers’ purpose because they claim that the motivation ends as soon as the speech ends.

However, I would like to stress that motivation (or action) ultimately comes from within. We are the ones to take action, not them! We are the ones to take the next step once a motivational speaker ends a session or speech.

Why are Female Christian Motivational Speakers Different?

They are different because they go beyond motivation and bring the spiritual aspect into their message.

A good Christian Motivational Speaker will understand that the Holy Spirit ultimately will be the one to move the person. Then, of course, as stated earlier, the person will use their own free will to choose/decide to take action.

So basically, the measure of an excellent motivational speaker doesn’t rest on their abilities but what God can do through them. They are essentially vessels and treat this as a ministry.

Female Christian Motivational Speakers

I initially started this blog post with a list of 9 speakers but my list is growing and I’m hoping to reach 20 female Christian Motivational Speakers soon. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. I hope you can share your favorite speakers towards the end to be a good resource for someone looking for motivational speeches from Christian Women.

Ready? Feel free to get a cup of tea or coffee, and let’s go…

Priscilla Shirer

I had to start with Priscilla because I have to admit that there is sometimes a big difference between “motivational speaking” and “biblical preachings” and sermons.

I am for the notion that motivational speakings should never replace biblical preaching. That doesn’t mean that biblical preaching has to be dry and boring- no!

I think that biblical preaching uses the word of God fully to steer the entire content. The bible is the backbone when it comes to curating their message.

However, Priscilla Shirer somewhat finds a way to do both- motivational speaking and in-depth biblical preaching. Priscilla clearly has a gift of speaking but is also paired with her depth in knowledge.

Her depth can perhaps also be attributed to Priscilla being a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and holds a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies.

 On her website, she notes:

Going Beyond Ministries is focused on the expository teaching of the Word of God. We are committed to teaching the uncompromising truths of His Word. Our desire is not only for all to understand His written Word but for all to experience His Power!

Allyson Rowe- Schaffer

Allyson’s debut came center stage when she held the title of Miss Washington, USA 2014.

The first time I heard her speak, I was moved by her passion and boldness. She is also all about surrender to God.

She currently speaks all over the U.S and empowers women to live a life of purity and confidence.

Havilah Cunnington

Havilah Cunnington is such a sweet soul who uses humor to tell her stories.

I love that she is also honest because she never thought God would use her because of learning disabilities that became significant insecurity in her life.

It’s so lovely to see her now, full circle on fire for God, and might I add that she is a prolific author!

Torrie Slaughter

Torrie is a purpose-driven believer. The first time I heard her podcast titled “our given purpose,” I was blown away by her voice and storytelling abilities. She truly has gifting in the podcast arena.

One video that she made that I resonated with is regarding trusting God’s plan. Sometimes when God calls us to do something, we may wonder whether we are doing the right thing. I love the fact that she chooses to show up and continue to trust God.

Marshawn Daniels

Marshawn is a motivational speaker as well as a business coach.

She calls herself a “reinvention strategist” who helps women upgrade their income, influence, and walk with God.

She talks a lot about stepping in authenticity and becoming whom God called us to be.

Terri Savelle Foy

I have spoken about Terri Savelle Foy numerous times and her ministry’s impact on my life.

When I was working in my previous job, I would listen to her audiobooks during my long D.C commute to work. I felt motivated, which caused me to create a vision board based on Habakuk 2:2-3 and ultimately pursue my dreams.

Terri has the sweetest voice, and the funny thing is that she used to be a cheerleader in high school but now calls herself a cheerleader of dreams.

She holds two conferences each year:

Icing conference where women come together to get the recipe to live their dreams.

-The next conference focuses on practical biblical principles to grow one’s business, ministry, and life.

Terri credits the ministries of motivational speakers Zig Ziglar and Les Brown as significant influences in her ministry.

Sarah Jakes Roberts

I love the way Sarah uses her life lessons and insights to motivate women.

I love her testimony and how she uses it to show others that God can use disappointments and past mistakes to help women evolve and become whom God intended them to be.

Mpoomy Ledwaba

Mpoomy Ledwaba is a South African businesswoman, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author. She is well known for her YouTube series known as “Wisdom and Wellness.” She walks in the authenticity of her journey and leverages that to empower and motivate people to live a well-rounded spiritual life.

In her series, Mpoomy Ledwaba candidly speaks about the ups and downs of life and how to live a life of purpose, abundance and joy. On her website, she states, “I am passionate and fascinated with wholesome living; from relationships, to wholistic health, food and all things home and decor. My life’s work involves lots of unlearning, learning and teaching.”

Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee Dooley is a woman who knows the importance of hard work and determination. She is the author of several books, including “Own Your Everyday.” Jordan is a motivational speaker, podcaster and an entrepreneur. She has been featured in numerous publications i.e. Forbes, Thrive Global, and more.

Jordan Lee Dooley’s mission is to help women reach their full potential and live their best lives. She believes that every woman has the power to create her own success story. Jordan is passionate about helping women discover their purpose and chase their dreams.

Madi Prewett

Madi Prewett is a woman who knows the importance of staying true to yourself and your faith. She was featured in the Bachelorette. Madi is also an author and a motivational speaker.  She has been featured in numerous publications.

Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson rose to fame when the A&E reality television show Duck Dynasty aired. She is the author of “Live Fearless”. Sadie is a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. 

Agnes Mumbi

Agnes Mumbi is a YouTuber who has a channel by the name of “Mumbi Inspired.” Her three pillars are: God’s word, prayer and fasting, and spiritual warfare.

I love the practical aspect of her channel and ministry. Agnes Mumbi challenges and motivates people. She has a sweet and kind personality and I believe that she is very relatable.

Rebecca Lamb Weiss

I first saw Rebecca on Daystar’s Joni Table Talk show. She was one of the regular contributors to the show. I remember always being drawn to her big bright smile and heart for God. I would always wait to hear her take on the show.

Fast forward to this past week (Oct 9th, 2022), I found out she has a show titled “On air with Rebecca.” I watched five shows straight, and it automatically took me to the first time I saw her on Joni Table Talk. I thought to myself, “This makes sense. This is her purpose. She has totally walked into her purpose.” I was so thrilled to see that I could point out her giftings back then, and now it’s full circle. I pray that the Lord extends her boundaries so that they fall into pleasant places!

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is an American Charismatic Christian author and speaker.  Her television and radio programs have the potential of reaching 4.5 billion people!

Meyer is a New York Times bestselling author and her message focuses on the topics of sharing Christ and loving people.

And that’s it, folks, my list of Female Christian Motivational Speakers!

Feel free to list the ones that motivate you!


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