4 Lessons I Learned re: Publishing a Christian book!

Thinking of Publishing a Christian Book? … Then this post is definitely for you!

It’s not by chance that you are reading this. If you are a Christian blogger interested in writing your first book or an already established author, I hope you will resonate with these nuggets that I spell out at the end of the post.

But…stick around. I have some really important information that builds up to it… (plus a free YouTube Video at the end of this post!)

Let’s start…

This June, I finally published my Christian Debut book titled “Made of Still.” It was definitely a journey, and I thought that I should encourage you!

When going through the journey, I learned so much, and I thought of writing this post to get you started towards writing and eventually publishing your book!

Fun fact: I love to gift Christian books!

Over the years, I have given away numerous Christian books from my favorite authors. When I hear someone has an issue, I have a specific book in mind that I pass over to them (if appropriate). Some books are that of faith, healing, dealing with grief, divorce, self-development, job loss, financial issues, etc.

I found Christian books crucial as the person who authored them walked with God and wrote with a specific anointing regarding that topic. They are essentially gifted and the best to write the book.

I have given a handful of books to people embarking on a significant self-improvement journey. For example, my go-to Christian Success and Development Books are by Terri Savelle Foy. Terri Savelle is all about the Christian mindset and applying biblical principles for success! This is important because many success and development books are out there, but very few are tailored for a Christian.

A book is a business card…

In the business world, they say a book is a business card. However, in the Christian world, I think a book can quickly move further than that and act as a spiritual catalyst towards the following (and more!!):  

1.Help people to cope with grief and loss

2.Significant shift people towards healing

3.Help one to understand a theological concept they were struggling with

Why is Publishing a Christian book important?

-We are the hands and feet of Jesus, so we need to spread the gospel. In today’s world, it’s even more important to spread the Love of Jesus Christ in creative ways. I know of many Christians who are now on YouTube or Instagram and minister the Love of God.

-Everywhere you go, it’s essential to become an ambassador for Christ…and in our case as authors, it can be an ambassador in… Barnes and Noble, Amazon KDP, Lulu Book Publishing, etc. That can be our marketplace! That’s where we need to represent God.

-Because your story is unique, you can only use your God-given creative ability and anointing to write a book. Don’t worry; the Helper (Holy Spirit) will help you!

Drum roll, please… Here are my 4 lessons from writing my book…

1. God Timing & God’s Purpose

Wow, I feel goosebumps as I write this!

God pursued me fiercely in November 2020, a few months after I lost my father. He asked me to write a book and that it was time. In 2010, I had a prophecy that I would author many books, and I didn’t know that He (God) would ask me to write it in the middle of grief.

I was mourning the loss of my dad. I wondered why he wanted me to write a book titled “Made of Still” when things were far from it. I found that this book was indeed a spiritual journey of sorts.

While writing the book, I understood that God was working on me, and he let me re-live what it means to be still. When writing some chapters (the one about grief and loss), I could feel God working on my healing of the loss of my father. I had moments of release where I cried as I felt the love of God wrap around me.

So for sure, I learned that God’s timing is perfect, and He will fulfill His purpose through your book. You are walking through a journey.

When writing my book, I realized that numerous bible versions are copyrighted. Since most people author books for commercial use, this is important to understand.

So, when you use bible verses, some terms and conditions are attached to them, and you have to adhere to them! Some versions require permission and specific verbiage that must be written in your book to show the particular version (they are very strict on this!)

The only bible version that is public domain is the King James Version (KJV). As a result, I stuck to using KJV since this is also the same version that I use personally in my readings.

Please read Glenn Obrien’s website for more copyright information.

3. Spiritual Warfare

This is a big one! The enemy will test you when you write your book mainly because your book will be freeing certain people. I don’t want to dwell on this topic a lot (I will touch on this in another post).

I would advise that you fast and pray when writing your book.

4. Christian Editor (ministry)

Please, Get a Christian editor to proofread your book! If you are going through a traditional publisher, go to one that publishes faith books. If you are self-publishing, hire a Christian editor or proofreader.

Why? These people understand that their job is a ministry and your book is a ministry too. Often, you will find that they will pray with you during the process of writing your book.

In short, writing is a ministry; we also want that from start to finish, God is in it.

So that’s it, folks, 4 lessons I have learned in publishing a Christian book!

I hope to write more posts regarding this.

In the meantime, please drop a comment so that you can share your favorite Christian books and what genre they are in. I already stated mine earlier: Terri Savelle Foy when it comes to Christian Success and Self-Development. 💖

15 thoughts on “4 Lessons I Learned re: Publishing a Christian book!”

  1. Great advice and very timely. Blessings to you and may God increase your territory. I don’t have a favorite Christian author but absolutely love devotionals. One by Casey Alexis titled Being Eve In Adam’s World is a great one for reflection and self-examination.

    ~Blessings to you

    • Hello!!!
      I am glad to hear the message was timely! I also appreciate you sharing that devotional! I need to check it out!
      May God also bless you and increase you 🌸🌸🌸🌸
      Blessings to you too!

  2. Thank you for sharing all these pointers and what you learnt through your process. May God bless the reach and impact of your book.
    I have thought about writing but it feels like an impossible task at the moment as I don’t know where and how to start.

    • Perth Girl, your blog is AMAZING! I can only imagine the book you will write once you are done!! I think the first thing is just pray about it and once you are ready, just start with the first chapter. I am always here if you need additional pointers!

  3. So glad to come by this post today. Made of still is such an inspiring title and i’m so proud of you. While I am still to write my first christian book, i’m looking for opportunities to assist many others to pursue their writing journey based on my own experience of finding a traditional publisher for my first secular fiction book. Please keep me in your prayers too as I keep you in mine.

    • Hello Sophia! Thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on your fiction book! Landing a traditional book deal is not a small fete 🥳. You should be proud of yourself! Plus fiction…wow! I will keep you in my prayers. All the best and I pray the Lord extends your boundaries so that they fall into pleasant places. Blessings to you and again, thanks for stopping by and got the kind words 🙏🏾

  4. Your blog is amazing! This topic is interesting. i struggle to submit my manuscript as the cost of submission is high in ECPA. My books are on Amazon KDP, yet my dream of distributing them my country remains a distant dream.

    • Hello, Amazon KDP is amazing. I love the idea of print on demand. That’s the route I went when publishing my book. I know there is an option for “extended distribution” where the book can be available to local bookstores but that feature may be limited to the US. What I can say is you have already done a phenomenal job with completing your books in the first place! Congratulations to you! Keep believing and trusting God for a traditional book deal with expanded distribution and marketing options! I really appreciate you dropping by here! This is such a blessing and I appreciate it!

      • Thank you for the encouragement! Just needed in time. I’m sorry to get back soon enough.

        And Yes, regarding the distribution you are right. I’m looking ways to make my books available in the Indian Subcontinent. There were so many frake publishers here. Yet I do believe it will happen at the right time, if it’s meant to be. Stay safe and take care!

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