It Didn’t Fit!

I think we have all been in that situation- where we wear an outfit that is a tad too large or a tad too small. If the outfit is too small, we breathe in and squeeze into the outfit. If it is too large, we may engage in self-talk by saying, “I think this trend is coming back into style, right?” (haha! 😅Confession- this is totally 100% me!) Let’s face it, whether too large or too small- It simply doesn’t fit.

Well, this week, I was in the same situation but it happened to be with a piece of furniture that was on sale- it was an office desk! Once I scheduled the furniture delivery date, I started thinking about where the desk will be, and I planned my vision around this desk. Now according to the dimensions, it showed that it wouldn’t be a problem getting it into the house.

So, the delivery day comes and guess what- IT DIDN’T FIT! I asked the delivery guys to leave the furniture in the yard. They were kind enough to get me blankets to protect it from the elements. My husband came and took out a portion of the sliding glass door and guess what- IT STILL DIDN’T FIT! The first thing I thought was, “YouTube it! I am sure there is a way you can remove the entire door by ripping the panel off.”🤣 So my husband looked at me perplexed and said, “Honey, it doesn’t fit! Ok, walk with me. Suppose we rip the door open to get this desk in. How will we get it out once we are ready to move? It will cause us problems down the line,” So I swallowed my pride and agreed. I was also embarrassed at how absurd my suggestion was! We now had to return the furniture. We luckily got the delivery truck to come back and pick the furniture and we got a full refund (phew!)

I started to process everything that transpired and it eerily reminded me of how we sometimes try other destinies-Destinies that we have no business being in let alone transition through! We might envision a destiny that isn’t a good FIT for us. We plan, we invest and unfortunately attempt to execute something that was never meant for us. Just like the desk, if we FORCE our way into a destiny that isn’t ours, we may have problems down the line.

Conversely, I want to highlight about not fitting into a particular place that was part of our destiny. We all know that goldfish only grow to the size of their enclosure. That means they have potential to be larger and greater in size but they are limited by their environment. With that same analogy, we sometimes are in positions where we have outgrown our environment. We may be in stagnation or plateau as the environment can no longer accommodate the growth within us. We may find that we tapped out our learning or are unable to pursue meaningful development. And I repeat- we no longer fit in that environment. Friends, we need to be diligent in moving on to the next challenge as we pursue our destiny.

To close, we did find a good piece of furniture on sale via Amazon. I am happy to report that it is a good FIT!!!

17 thoughts on “It Didn’t Fit!”

  1. Smiles. Glad you finally did get *the one” – the right fit!.

    Thankfully your hubby weighed the options well. It’s just necessary and very important for us to know when it’s time to move on and let go. Yes!

  2. The thought of ripping the door off to get that desk in made me laugh because I’ve thought the same thing before! I really love your analogy here! And I’m so glad you got a desk that fit. 🙂

  3. I totally identify with the application that you made here to your situation. I love how God takes the ordinary things of our lives and uses them often as parables to illustrate for us biblical truth, if we are willing to see the lessons he is trying to teach us.

    Yes, we can easily be trying to fit someplace where God doesn’t want us and we can be limiting our growth and potential that God has in mind for us by staying where he doesn’t want us to be. Sometimes this comes through upbringing, tradition, things learned, etc. that keep us where we are and that hinder us from being all who God intends us to be.

    I know. I tried fitting where I didn’t fit for many years until God finally got my attention and showed me that he had something else for me to do that I would not have ever imagined. And, that is when he placed me on the internet writing out what he teaches me each day from his word. And, I fit here, not perfectly, but this is God’s fit for me, this is what he had designed for me, so it is a perfect fit in his eyes, though not necessarily in the eyes of other humans.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. I really resonate with your view and take of the post!
      I am glad God placed you in the internet. Sometimes it can be hard to fathom but this is a ministry in itself. Many people can come across your blog post and get encouragement or even dedicate their lives to our Lord Jesus ♥️.
      I agree about not perfectly fitting. I think that is if we 💯 fit in a place we would be complacent or even attempt to do it without the guidance and strength from
      The Lord.
      Being on this platform has helped me constantly seek God, for his will to be done and not mine.
      I also liked the insight you gave re: tradition, things learned or upbringing being a factor that can hinder us!
      That’s deep !!
      I appreciate this🌺🌺
      Be blessed!!


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