Galatians 6:9; “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

Luke 8: 11 The seed is the word of God.

The whole universe is surrounded by seed. Animals, plants and human beings are brought forth as a result of a seed. Indeed, the seed is alive, and it births life. How can a tiny dry seed with a hard-protective outer layering bring forth fruit or trees of massive stature? The only way we can tell the might of a seed is if we plant it and wait. Without the act of faith of sowing it in the ground, the seed fails to realize it’s true potential.

As Christians, we have been tasked with the job of sowing good seed on good ground. The Bible reveals that if we plant on bad ground, we will likely not get a harvest. Be careful not to sow seeds of evil as you will likely reap the same. If you plant a mango seed in the ground, you cannot manipulate the seeds DNA and hope to reap a watermelon. There are laws to the seed, laws that cannot be altered.

Another law that is true of the seed is the duration of the seed to grow or mature. If a seed takes one year to produce fruit, you cannot manipulate it by doubling the water it needs, increasing the intensity of the sun or increasing the fertilizer to shorten the duration of growth. You can only create the best environment for the seed to grow and trust the process.

From a spiritual standpoint, we sometimes want to hasten the spiritual seeds we have sown. We want to sow a seed today through prayer regarding a project, and we want it to manifest immediately physically. Others do not sow any seed at all. They do not put any time in prayer or research for an endeavor, yet they anticipate a harvest when they haven’t sowed!

My message is dedicated to those who have sown a seed, be it a prayer of healing, a job, financial freedom. Trust the process! Provide the best environment for that seed to grow. Pray as you wait, I assure you- your seed is planted and not buried. Under that soil, the roots are growing in depth and width. Your promise is in seed form, and it is being anchored under the soil. Soon enough you will see a sprout and thereafter your seed will yield fruit. Your seed is alive, speak to it and rest assured, it is planted and not buried. You will reap what you sowed, and you will eat the fruit of your labor.


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