I’m officially back after my 1-year sabbatical! The sabbatical was much needed as I needed to reboot and re-purpose my blog. When I started blogging on WordPress almost nine years ago, I was young and I honestly rushed into picking a name for my blog. I also wasn’t serious about the content or frequency of uploads. I would blog and be silent for 3-5 months only to re-surface with another blog post. During my sabbatical, I realized that I have grown and matured as a person and my content and blog should reflect this as well.

What I did during my sabbatical:
-I traveled to East Africa to visit my family as well as visit my grandfather’s grave
-I brainstormed about my blog (I have an entire notebook filled with my brainstorming)
-I tried to narrow my blog niche so that it is not all over the place

If you have stumbled upon my blog before, you will notice that I changed the name of my blog from “halo and butterflies” to “made of still.” Again, I selected my blog name without thought (such a rookie mistake). After my months of brainstorming and prayer, I decided to change the name to “made of still” since it reflects my spiritual view of life, especially when you are going through a difficult time: BE STILL. I realized that a lot of my struggles, especially my daughter’s diagnosis, I chose to BE STILL and listen to that still small voice.
I’ll be posting every other Monday, and I must say, I am excited. Please join and grow with me in this journey!

Made of Still

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