He Knows!

Psalms 145: 7 (NIV)

Great is our Lord and mighty in power;
his understanding has no limit.

Omniscient:  having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight

How beautiful it is to know that we serve an omniscient God. One who has infinite awareness, understanding and insight!

I have been faced with many situations in my life that I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Often, I feel blinded when I am in a rough patch…because I don’t know how I will get through the situation. Sometimes I wish that my all-knowing God would whisper in my ear and tell me what I can anticipate so that I do not fret. I wish it was that simple, it would save me from so much worry. All we can do is trust that our all-knowing God knows exactly what we are going through and he knows that it is for our good. Moreover, we know that his plans for us are for prosperity and not for harm. All we are left to do is listen to that still quiet voice that gives us comfort and direction and believe that he will come through for us.

I have been going through spiritual warfare at work. One lady who was so against me was fired last year at work (see my blog post written 09/13/2014). That of course did not solve all my problems at work, but it made my work more bearable. I was still faced with my overall boss who made my life a living hell by blocking promotions and recognition for the good work that I do. She would also go to the extent of bullying me together with another manager to a point that I got so sick last year. This lady had nothing positive to say about me and she would go round saying hello to everyone at work and pass my desk. She was very passive aggressive. I used to cry my eyes out and the response that God gave me time and time again is, “You need to be patient. It is not time for you to leave”. I re-call contacting my pastor and crying my eyes out and asking her why God brought me to this job to suffer.

Well, our all knowing God knew what was at the end of the tunnel. He knew what lay ahead. Last week my overall boss was laid off from our workplace. Basically, she was removed. I saw that as a powerful sign that God is still not done and I need to trust and persevere. HE KNOWS! I don’t know what is in store for me now that his boss is gone. I just thank the Lord for being there for me and holding me steady. I thank him for constantly (and I need to repeat CONSTANTLY) re-assuring me that all will be ok.

This is a breakthrough that happened at work, I need a breakthrough to happen in many areas of my life. I hope to share more testimonies soon.

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