Healing!!! / RAIN IS COMING!

I bless the Lord, I bless the Lord! He is so great!

I have not been feeling well this couple of days…but guess what I am claiming healing. Let me re-phrase my statement- I have been healed. I thank the Lord because he is Jehovah Raffa- the Lord that Healeth me! Sickness is not my portion; the Lord wants me to live a healthy and happy life- sickness free.

I think I have been stressed or anxious about my job for some time. There has been some spiritual warfare going on. 1 week ago- I prayed and asked the Lord to reveal and silence a person who has been causing so many problems at work. That day, that individual was unable to say hello or even look at me. I had asked God to surround me with a hedge of fire and make that individual uncomfortable. It was a prayer packed power. That day that individual went to my boss who is a Christian and said that she feels uncomfortable. YAY! Victory is the Lord’s. I however, REFUSE to be tossed like a ping pong ball. This SICKNESS is not mine, it is not of GOD! I draw a line on the sand and say- enough! I am taking back what the enemy is trying to take away- MY HEALTH! Greater is he who is in ME than he who is in the world.

I write this with great conviction, that my LORD has healed me. I write this with great conviction, that I have asked for healing and he has answered my prayer.

I always read Kenneth Copeland daily devotional and guess what- the Lord is speaking to me. He has touched on a message that he gave me yesterday. It is by Joel Osteen and I will share a link below. Kenneth Copeland states:  You may be facing a giant today. He may be a giant of sickness or failure, of financial shortage or another kind of trouble. But don’t let him scare you. You have a secret weapon. A weapon that once turned a shepherd boy into a bear-busting, lion-killing, giant-slaying champion. That weapon was a blood covenant with Almighty God…Read it and rejoice. God has healed you and delivered you from those things! [Click here to read the whole post]

I thank you JESUS. I praise you.

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