Burn the Ships

The first time I read about Cortez, I was in awe. Cortez was a Captain who led a great conquest in 1519. Upon arrival at his destination, he ordered the men to burn their ships. I know some people dispute with these details and claim that the ships were sunk instead of being set on fire, but I think it makes the story more dramatic and intense with the whole “burn the ships” version. I feel that burning your ships is a bold declaration. You leave the past behind; then you forge ahead to ensure that you make it. The stakes are raised- you either make it or make it.

In the Bible, Elisha’s story begins with a dramatic scene as well. Elijah comes to anoint Elisha as he is plowing the field with a pair of oxen. When Elijah throws his mantle on him, Elisha immediately obeys and burns his plow and cooks the oxen and gives his friends to eat (True story, read 1 Kings 19:14-21). Elisha is bold enough to commit not to go back to his old life. He ensures that there is no option to retreat to his past.

I believe that many today have been both called and chosen. They have also been prepared to execute essential tasks in their life. The problem is, we (including myself on this one) leave the door open to that possibility that we will not make it. Once we create that doubt in our minds, it is difficult to take that first step. I know people who have had numerous years of experience in a particular career, but they decline to apply boldly for a senior job elsewhere as they are complacent with their current position. Another example is that person who is moving from one state to another but decides to leave a door open for a return in case things don’t work out. Look, I am not calling for all of us to have reckless abandon, I am just stating that sometimes we feel in our spirit that it is time to make that move, but we don’t! Even after being prepared and God provides a straight shot for success, we still cling on to the former things leaving the greater things ahead.

This blog post is a call to reflect on your goals and visions. Is there something that you want to pursue? Could it be a blog, a business, higher education, purchase a home, etc.? Boldly take that step and open your mind to greater things!

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