1 Year Blog Sabbatical


My early childhood memories have always revolved around old-fashioned writing/journaling. In 2005, I transitioned to blogging using the Yahoo 360 platform. FACT: I have always been a lazy blogger…blogging when I feel like it.

In fall of 2017, I started my masters and interviewed to become a student blogger. Out of the eighty students who applied, only eight were selected (I am happy to say I was among the eight!). The main reason I wanted to student blog was to challenge my creativity and get disciplined with posts. My mentor is a communications lecturer and she created a master calendar for postings. I must add, my mentor is very strict on deadlines!

After sharing my content with family and friends, they thought my blog posts were raw, unique, funny and exciting. Every passing blog has presented an opportunity for my growth as a blogger. In particular, I make an intentional effort to improve the overall quality of my blog.

I then started thinking about this personal blog: haloandbutterflies.com. I see so much potential as people have come forward to let me know that I have been an inspiration to them. However, I admit that I have been just plain lazy. Therefore, I have decided to take a sabbatical from this blog. I will be working behind the scenes to re-brand (both aesthetic and content).

What do I want to achieve upon return? I want to be able to reach a wider audience and encourage parents who have a child who has just been diagnosed with autism.

See you in 2018!

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