Update…thinking about GAP’s diet

It has been 6 months since I wrote on the blog. I really missed the therapeutic effect blogging/journaling gives…so here I go…
After my daughter’s last doctor visit, my husband and I decided to put a pause on going to doctors entirely. It was truly emotionally exhausting for us to be bounced from doctor to doctor. Since we were so emotionally tired and needed a break, we went on our first vacation ever in March. We selected a place where she could have lots of fun and we stayed there for 3 full days!
When we came back from vacation, we felt refreshed and decided to start house hunting. We had been casually looking for a home for almost a year so after the biomedical setbacks we had with my daughter, we decided that we needed more space so that we try more conventional approaches like ABA. (Our living situation at the time was a bit sticky as we did not have enough space for ABA Specialists to come and work with my daughter effectively.)
In an effort to pull all our resources and save every cent we had, we decided to put a pause on biomedical entirely. By the grace of God we found a home 2 months later and moved in. I felt like everything was moving fast! So many things were going well in every part of our lives but STILL… our daughter hadn’t recovered.
Present day- I still fill the same. I should be happy that so much has been achieved this year!!! However, I feel like I still have a void. When my daughter turned 6 this year, I felt sad. I felt mad. I felt ROBBED! I still remember the way she interacted with me before she regressed. She was the sweetest and happiest soul. She was kind and thoughtful. Now, it is sometimes a tad bit hard to see her through the sensory processing disorder, behaviors and stims. She is distant, I feel like I cannot reach her sometimes. In as much as I hold to the mantra of “everything will work out to my good” sometimes when Autism hits you in the right place where you are most vulnerable- you break! You ask, “Am I doing enough? Am I doing too little…. Wait- What the heck am I doing?”
My daughter has been off supplements for 6 months and you know what- she has maintained some of her gains but has also LOST quite a bit. So now that we have occupied our new home, I am going to start her on a couple of things. I have been reading about the GAPS diet. I am thinking of trying that in addition to Gluten Free & Casein Free. I am also steering away from biomedical doctors and anything that involves invasive therapies.
I am hoping to penn more soon! …ttyl

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