To be healed & made WHOLE!

Happy New Year! I have been away for quite some time. I have been extremely busy with work, some travelling and of course – my daughter.

After her 1 year bio-med anniversary, I was elated because we had seen some improvement. We had also discovered that bio-medically things were out of whack. The following were extremely high: WBC, Lymph, Glucose, Creatinine and the blood test showed positive for IBD/Crohns. When I looked at the lab results, I was relieved that were “headed” towards finding a definitive answer. This lead us to do an endoscopy and colonoscopy to confirm the Crohns. Nothing was really found…just inflammation and reflux. After taking the prescribed omeprazole for 3 months, nothing improved. She was still in pain. In fact, her behavior has radically changed (for the worse) since my last update in October. The GI doctor stated that the next thing would be an MRI.

I became concerned. First it was constipation scare, then crohns, then inflammation & reflux. We tried to eliminate all the causes of her gut pain but everything remains a mystery. I sought for a second opinion today through a research hospital and they advised that in as much as the blood test showed positive for IBD, it is not IBD. The new GI doctor now wants us to take stool samples, gas samples (yes! Gas! It is apparently a new test that tries to find sucrose malabsorption) You take some drink and capture some air into test tubes. As the new doctor was speaking, I kept thinking…man! I am going in circles. Not only that, I am probably losing it…gas samples???? How wacky does that sound? I don’t care if it is a cutting-edge technology.

As we were leaving the office, I felt DONE! I am done with chasing shadows. I am done chasing invasive and time consuming procedures. I felt like I was so into the rabbit hole I could not breathe. I then started thinking back to when my daughter was doing so well (in the beginning when we started bio-medical) …She did so well with purely natural foods, natural supplements & GFCF. Now, I am in the “modern medicine” arena and it is giving me a headache.

Then I thought, I don’t need to do most of these tests to find out how much of a biomedical mess a child on the spectrum is. I need to take steps to do things on my own- naturally. I am done! DONE DONE! FINITO!

In addition to the natural approach, I have opted to follow a spiritual route to healing. It reminds me of the 10 lepers in the bible. The one who was healed and came back to give thanks was also made whole. I started thinking about my daughter. I not only want her to be healed of the symptoms known as autism, I want her to be made whole. Meaning, any part of her body that is damaged will be fully restored to 100% capacity. (Luke 17: 11-19)

Lord Jesus, This Year…I claim this:

19 And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.

Amen & Amen

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