1 year bio-medical anniversary! (ATEC score update!)

captureA few weeks before my daughter was diagnosed, God began to minister to me about healing.  I remember asking him, “Who is sick in my household?” I had no clue. I asked him to continue to speak to me. That is when I was directed to purchase a book by Gina and Brian Walden titled, “A brand new day”. When I got this book, I read it as I paced up and down…I was done in less than an hour. I remember an unusual feeling, it is Autism. God prepared me for it even before I went in for the appointment.

On 8/12/2015, my daughter was diagnosed with Autism. It was a harsh reality for my family. The following are actual snippets from the diagnosis report from Kennedy Krieger:

The Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS-3) was completed by [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] received a scaled score of 13 for restricted/repetitive behaviors, 13 for social interaction, 12 for social communication, 14 for emotional response, 10 for cognitive style, and 12 for maladaptive speech. This gives her an autism index of 121, which is in the very likely range of probability of autism, requiring very substantial support.

The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) was completed by the examiner. [REDACTED]received a total score of 42, which is in the severely autistic range.

I remember telling the doctor that my daughter will be fine and that I have faith in God. I look back and I am just in awe. This doctor was basically telling me that there was no hope for my daughter and I defied the doctors report and claimed the report of the Lord that she will be perfect and whole, just as God intended.

We conducted the ATEC score to see where my daughter was on the spectrum. She scored 127. That meant she was severe! We started biomedical right after and I finally understood what God meant a few months prior about “healing”. Her bloodwork showed that she practically had a non-existent immune system. She had gut issues etc.

I began having dreams. Dreams that showed that my daughter was happy, whole and could communicate in complex sentences. In one particular dream, I fell on the ground in joy and screamed with Joy, “JESUS!” and started crying. The most spectacular dream (I don’t know if I can call it that really) of all, I will reveal once my daughter gets fully restored.

In Jan 12 2016, roughly 4 months in, my daughters ATEC score went down to 71! …And today, exactly 2 days to her 1 year biomedical journey, she is at 57! That is practically at the 29th percentile while she initially started at the almost 90th percentile. I told my husband that she is now a 57 and he went behind my back and did the test…he got 56. He was astonished. We know she has improved, but we were also surprised at the accuracy of the test. It is definitely a good tool to have on the road to recovery. It gives a hard number to see improvement.


At this point, we have come a long way…all Glory belongs to God. Recently, God started ministering to me about healing and how he wants me to focus more on the spiritual aspect so that my daughter can get complete healing. Biomedical has been a good tool, but I must say it can be exhausting as sometimes even the doctors themselves scratch their heads. What a biomedical mess it is for kids on the spectrum. 1+1 is not always equals 2 in this world. I know that first hand because my daughter had elevated C reactive protein for crohns and after sometime, realized she doesn’t have it.

God now instructed me to purchase the book: God wants you well by Andrew Wommack. I blog not to get viewers but kind of like a journal because I will look back and testify of the far that God has brought my daughter and I. It shall be a testament of faith and healing!

I remember a few years ago, one of my friends was led by the spirit to tell me to start to blog again. I wondered why. This was even before my daughter’s diagnosis. I had stopped blogging but after getting that message, I decided to commit to at least 1 blog per month. Now I am understanding this has been a great tool in my journey.

Thank you Jesus for restoring my daughter!

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