Dear God RE: Autism

Where are you God?

I have searched you, I have sought you. I am still yet to find you.

I feel helpless as I watch my daughter, I can’t do anything

I am left with intangible tools: HOPE, FAITH AND TRUST.


How I wish you could come down and give me a hug and a word

To say that she will be ok and that I am on the right path.

How I wish you could come down and let me touch the hem of your garment.

I sometimes long for the tangible. Something that I can feel and see.


I feel like my heart is bleeding.

The pain comes from the depths of my soul and then spills into my heart.

It churns as I think of my beautiful daughter.


I don’t want my heart to die.

I want it to keep beating to the tune of hope and possibilities.

I want it to beat anew as I see my daughter come out from this prison.


She is being held hostage in her mind and her body.

She looks into my eyes and I see a thousand words

I can only hug her and pray that she understands that I will fight.


I need you Lord!

Be my strength and our healer.

Hasten the healing.



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