Methyl B12 lollipos vs. Methyl B12 shots

Prior to my daughter’s first DAN! Doctor visit, she was taking the MB12  Revitapop lollipops. MB12 helps with opening up the methylation pathways for spectrum kids. Ultimately this helps with detoxifying the body. I knew that MB12 was one of those treatments that worked well for a big percentage of children on the spectrum. So naturally, I was hoping and praying that the lollipops would work. I saw no change at all since January through March. The lollipops were part of her treatment, but it felt like it was more of a reward than a supplement into her diet.

When we visited the DAN! Doctor, he wrote a 3 month plan on what we will do. On the list, he stated that he would like me to start giving shots to my daughter. I am so afraid of needles, but knowing the percentage of how effective this treatment is for children on the spectrum, I was elated. The shots work much more effectively than the lollipops as the absorption/utilization rate is higher.

I placed the order with the compounding pharmacy and waited with bated breath for the arrival. 48 business hours later, the shipment arrived and I was so happy. I made sure my daughter went to bed early that night so that I could administer the shot. The needle was not at all intimidating, but being that I had an existing fear to needles…I almost chickened out. I just decided to be strong and braced myself as I pushed the needle onto her bum.

The next morning, I anxiously woke her up. I stared right into her eyes and started to ask her question after question (Crazy… I know!). You hear stories of how some parents say their children were fast responders that they swear that they had a dramatic change in their children. Sadly, that was not my case. As is with the case with all the other supplements she is on, we noticed slow but steady changes. One gain built on another and eventually we noticed a change. For example, we started my daughter fish oil and after 1 month of giving her the supplement….better eye contact! Perhaps that is what will happen?…slow but steady gains with B12.

This journey so far has been hard, but I thank God for being my rock. He has truly spoken to me through every difficult step. He has held me through my tears, rejoiced with me through the triumphant times. He hasn’t brought me this far to leave me.The below song speaks what my heart is feeling right now.

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