Highlights/Bio-med Updates- DAN! Doctor?- CHECK!!

In my last post, I shared that God had revealed to me that things will start to move “sooner than expected”. Oh boy…didn’t that come to pass. See, we had trouble locating a DAN! doctor… but soon after that revelation, we got linked to this wonderful doctor 1 hour away from us. I will discuss about this awesome doctor and our first doctor visit in future posts.

We also had to get the samples for the urine porphyrins and stool test. The urine sample retrieval was a no brainer, we took the first urine early in the morning. The stool sample was a challenging. My daughter is potty trained and she did not cooperate when I tried to “catch” the stool on the paper bowl that doctor’s data provided. I even pulled out her old potty to try and see if she would go but it did not work. I had to improvise further and use saran wrap on the toilet seat and guess what… it worked, she finally cooperated.

The test required that my daughter get off her nutritional supplements so that the results can provide an actual picture of what’s going on. When we did so, she became extremely hyperactive. I had not seen her this hyper for quite some time. She was jumping up and down, spinning round and round etc. It was hard. Very hard. She even fell down from the dining table. She fell so hard that I had to call 911 for help…she had passed out for a few minutes and all I could think about was Jenny McCarthy’s book…when the Evan was in the ER and she was screaming, “  Do something” It was a scary, scary time for me. I did not even have the words to pray…I just remember yelling, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” The doctor at children’s national stated that she suffered a concussion and would be ok.

As you can see, so many things have happened in this very short time. I felt bad that I had not written a blog update so I thought of providing a truncated update. I will follow up this week with a more elaborate post. I kinda feel like I totally “RAN” through this one.

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