Sooner than expected [Biomed update & Spiritual message]

Jeremiah 1:12 Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.

We have reached a plateau in my daughter’s treatment due to yeast issues. Now I know why many people in the biomed community say yeast is a beast. She was doing so well, everything was going on swimmingly…then all of a sudden the behaviors came back. The stimms, spinning, hyperactivity, laughing for no reason and sensory overloads came back in. It’s been so long since she held her ears due to sensitivity or flapped her arms with excitement. Her teacher too noticed a change and she told me, “She is very vocal and is doing so well with following direction but surprisingly her old behavior just came back out of the blue”

This made me to think and ask myself, “Will things get better?” I started thinking of how it would be like to have an adult daughter who is solely dependent on me. Perhaps God was going to heal her in her teenage years…just in time for adult life? I was crushed but I thought, either way, I would love her to bits and care for her. Nothing would change my love for her. I wasn’t giving up on healing, instead I started thinking of it being a distant reality. This definitely clashed with the previous promises God gave me about my daughter and her healing. So I silently said in my heart, “God, direct me”

God answers prayers, never doubt that. This past Sunday I was directed to watch a sermon by Joel Osteen and my message from God lay there. He spoke of UNEXPECTED DELIVERIES and that some of us have been waiting on God for a promise but we think the delivery will take longer but God unexpectedly hasted the delivery. He even went to share a testimony of a 4 and a half year old girl who couldn’t speak and had so many behavior issues. The mother tried to do everything under the sun but nothing worked, even speech therapy. She did not lose hope but continued to thank God for healing. Then she got an unexpected delivery (sooner than expected), she was fully healed.

Usually when I get a message, I always ask for affirmation. I had a beautiful dream. I cannot even begin to share the details but basically I was thanking God for restoration. I remember saying over and over again, “Thank you for restoring her”. I woke my husband up ( I do this a lot) and told him I had this overwhelming dream. I was even unable to go into detail. I just asked him to pray with me.

Thank you Jesus for unexpected deliveries. Thank you for restoring her.

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