Herx Reaction + Candida die off?

Probiotics are key to one’s bio-med regimen as It re-populates the gut with good bacteria. This is particulary essential for children on the spectrum as their gut flora is imbalanced and has more bad bacteria than good. A recently conducted study in mice with autistic behaviors proves that probiotics play a key role in bio-med. In this particular study, mice with autistic behaviors were treated with probiotics. Soon after, the autistic behaviors were alleviated. You can read an overview of the study here. These scientists boast that, “It’s really impactful, this notion that by changing the bacteria, you could ameliorate what’s often considered an intractable disorder” When I read this, I was happy…but at the same time mad because bio-med parents have been speaking about this for quite some time. Although most have anecdotal evidence, the truth is, many children have improved in one way or another through probiotic treatment paired with other bio-medical interventions.

That being said, I started my daughter on the Granular Theralac probiotic by master supplements. It has 25 billion CFU. I was really excited about starting this particular probiotic because back in August-September, the pediatrician suggested that we start her on the Florastor (I believe it has 5 billion CFU) after her gut flora was severely imbalanced after taking 2 antibiotics back to back. She did really well on it. This was prior to her beginning bio-med. You can read our experience with florastor here.

My main concern this time round was if she would have any die-off reactions. The last time she was on florastor she seemed to get worse before she got better. Well, on day 3 of the Granular Theralac (I started ¼ teaspoon 1x/day then after sometime we will bump up to 2x/day), I noticed that she got a low grade fever. The battle had begun. Then later, I noticed that she had a runny nose. At this time, I suspected the Herx reaction. Which is basically, the body getting worse before it feels better. In laymans terms, the body is now fighting with the bad guys. I was really concerned and started to read mom’s message boards. There is really no science to this  “knowledge hunt”, sometimes I feel crazy and ask myself if I am actually doing the right thing. What have I become? My daughter is not feeling well and I run to a message board to see what “HopeMom87” has written. Are you kidding me?

All in all, I decided to wade through the storm. After all, even before the bio-medical intervention…my daughter had far worse unexplainable things happen. Multiple trips to the doctor never solved my queries. After the fever and runny nose disappeared, my daughter became a bit irritable. Nowhere near to how she was before bio-med but I was definitely noticing it. I wonder if now the Candida is being killed off and she is going through a die off period? No idea.

All I know is that she is getting better. She is focusing more. She is calmer. She is more aware and sociable. I have to say this over and over again to myself so that I don’t lose my mind. This is truly a turbulent journey. It makes me want to through in the towel. Why did I sign up for this again?

PERSERVERANCE is starting to look crazy.

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