Slow, but steady (Bio-med update)

Slow, but steady.

That is exactly what I am witnessing with bio-medical intervention for autism. Prior to bio-medical, my daughter’s developmental clock was going backwards. She slowly lost her skills over a period of time. She stopped waving goodbye, stopped saying mama, stopped being affectionate, stopped being engaged and lost eye contact. She regressed.

Now with bio-medical, I feel like it has definitely stopped the regression. The clock is slowly starting to move- tick, tock. She is gaining skills- slow, but steady.

One thing that we noticed with her regression is that she was very aggressive towards other children. I would get so many complaints. One mother close to my circle would always call me and tell me that my daughter scratched her children. It reached a point that I was fed up- FINE! Then my daughter doesn’t even need to be around your kids then.

Over thanksgiving (1 and a half months into biomedical), we travelled to see some family. A friend came over to see my daughter. This friend has been praying for my daughter for some time now. She had brought her grandson along. The boy walked into the door and my daughter immediately ran to him and grabbed his hand. She was aware! She then prompted him, “play” and she went right into it. I was in utter shock…I almost shed a tear but I held them back. Otherwise, the flood gates would be wide open. The little boy then introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Milo” My friend then asked my daughter, “What is your name” I gasped because my daughter has never answered a question (aside from what color the school bus was a few days earlier. Read blog post here) My daughter then looked at the boy and answered the question confidently!

I am so excited about this victory! It’s truly small glimmers of hope that show that indeed when you attempt to address the underlying issue of Autism, then you can actually recover your child. As much as I keep on saying slow and steady, I wish there was a way that I could hasten the recovery and make up for lost time. However, just as it took some time for the regression to creep in and steal our children, then we need to allow time to repair the bio-medical mess that has become of our kids. All in all, it will be worth it. I am looking forward to having a conversation with my daughter. FAITH. I will hold on to it.

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