What color is the school bus? (BioMed Update)

I remember when my daughter was given the official diagnosis, the doctor was keen to suggest medication for my daughter’s hyperactivity. She actually offered to write up us a prescription almost right there and then. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I went down that path of medicating her. I am not against medication, I think that some children probably need it. I however I am against it when it is the offered as the first solution. Why can’t we try other homeopathic or biomedical approaches first?

I am so glad that my daughter started the biomedical intervention. We are taking the supplements low and slow and introducing them one by one. I am currently recording all her activities on this cool app called Birdhouse for Autism. It was rather exhausting in the beginning because she sometimes pooped 10 times a day…yes! 10 TIMES!!!  And I had to record every single activity to see what if the supplements are actually working. I became obsessed with her poop. It was all pure diarrhea. I remember flying to the toilet to see and record what exactly she had done. One specific poop that scared me was the black stools which from what I read, could be an indicator of bleeding in the gut.

Well, it has been a few weeks since she started the digestive enzymes from enzymedica and let me tell you- her poop!!!! Her poop is now healthy and she only does it 1-2 times per day. She no longer screams bloody murder when she is on the toilet. I remember when I first saw her normal poop, I almost cried. I told the sitter, “It’s so BEAUTIFUL” lol!!! I know that my fellow mother warriors can feel me on this.

Currently, I am not seeing any burst in language. However, she does appear more present. She does not have that glazed look or brain fog. She still giggles at night inappropriately…so I know that she definitely has yeast overgrowth. This is one of the symptoms of yeast overgrowth. As far as hyperactivity…it’s still there. As far as appearance, she looks healthier. Her dark circles under her eyes have diminished and she looks brighter.

Now to one big achievement yet!!! My daughter has been speaking mainly through echolalia. When you ask her a question, she always repeats the question back you. Yesterday when her father was helping her brush her teeth, he asked, “What color is the school bus” She responded, “YELLOW!!” I was so ecstatic!! She answered a question!!!

I am realizing that this whole journey is a marathon not a sprint. I can’t just dash to the finish line, instead, I have to put in the work. I am seeing glimmers of hope here and there. Someday…I will have the biggest achievement…when her ATEC score drops to 10 and below which is considered recovered. Right now I believe her score is like 128.


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