Diagnosis Update- Autism

On my last post, I discussed about my daughter’s upcoming Kennedy Krieger appointment. In the same post, I promised to keep you posted. Well, I failed to do that because we got some heartbreaking news regarding the diagnosis.

This past August, we traveled to Baltimore to have my daughter seen. My husband and I knew that she perhaps with be diagnosed with Autism, but at the same time we were hoping to get another diagnosis. I know it sounds weird but part of me was hoping for ADD or ADHD. We met the doctor who within a few minutes was already checking her sheet. My daughter was lining her toys, stimming, using echolalia, had no eye contact etc.

My husband tried hard to engage my daughter so that we can somewhat show the doctor that, “Hey…look she is super intelligent it’s just that she is sometimes in a cocoon” His attempts proved futile as the doctor continued the evaluation. After the almost 2 hour evaluation, she diagnosed her with Autism. In that room, the doctor began her “sentencing” telling us of the very grim prognosis. She proceeded to say and stress that AUTISM HAS NO CURE.

I don’t know what happened at that moment but I just snapped. What is she telling me? To abandon all hope? That is not what the word of God states. I heard a voice that prompted me to come out of the fog and interrupt the doctor as she was speaking to my husband. I told her, “Maam, my daughter will be ok. She is going to get healed” She looked at me with disbelief as I dared question her. Then she said, “Positivity is good. It will help you through what lies ahead.” I then repeated myself, “It is not positivity, its faith. We will be back with good news in the next few months”

During our drive back home, I was in peace. Immense peace. Then later that week I broke down. I probably broke down a few times after that too because I felt alone in this journey. I just had to pick up myself and look for answers. This is when I began researching about biomedical intervention.

I know there are so many skeptics out there who say that it doesn’t work. I however, cannot sit down and watch the world pass my daughter by. I have to try this.

During my countless hours of research I think I have probably got a PHD in Google University. Lol. I had read so many studies, blogs, research papers. I also watched many vlogs, youtube educational videos and webinars etc. I was literally thrust into this world that many mothers are boldly going into. To fight.

I don’t have all the answers….but I know that I have God on my side. As much as it is difficult to share this journey…I promise to do so. I hope to help someone out there…

One thought on “Diagnosis Update- Autism

  1. As upsetting as it can be to hear that your child has autism, it isn’t as life altering as you think. Autism has its challenges but it’s more of a neurological difference than a “disease”. My son is four and was diagnosed six months ago, we have stepped back and observed the way he learns and understands the world and taught him accordingly. He has made huge progress in the past few months and I am totally humbled by having the privilege to be his mom. Autism is scary, wonderful and a learning curve all mixed together. I wish you luck on your journey.

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