Developmental delays- changing the tune of my blog

It’s been a long hiatus and I feel like I have so much to write about, I need to pace myself so that I don’t rumble in my post. I have been really busy; I gave birth to my second child, a boy a few weeks ago. He has been a blessed addition to our family.

I would most of all want to share about something that my husband and I have been struggling with- my daughter’s development. I conceived my daughter in 2010 and I ensured that I ate 100% healthy throughout the pregnancy. I went ahead to even breastfeed her for 2 and a half years. I knew that I did everything on my end to give my child the best at her tender years.

Throughout her life, some family members were quick to judge on every aspect of her development. It’s as if they were speaking against her development. I know the power of words and I quickly spoke blessing and rebuked the words that they spoke upon my daughter’s life. I was keen to pray and surrender to God.

After a while, family members started throwing words such as “autism” and “ADHD”. I was so hurt by them because sometimes people are so quick to judge but so slow to help out. Throughout my daughter’s life, some family members have never interacted with her and as a mother, it’s painful.

We started to notice that my daughter was more hyperactive than most so we entered a county based program called infant and toddlers so that they could come to our home and assist us. When my daughter turned 3, she transitioned over to the PEP program. We saw great strides in her 1 year in school, but it took a lot of struggles and sometimes arguments with my husband because of what some of the family members spoke into my daughter’s life. My thing is…you are welcome to help and be positive in my daughter’s life but if you have nothing good to say…don’t pretend to be in her life! I am not saying that you lie to me, but just have a positive outlook for my daughter and be encouraging to us (my husband and I) as parents.

Right now my daughter is almost 4 and she has a lot of scripted language….echolalia. This is when she uses scripts from TV or repeats what you say. She uses her echolalia well, she does not use it out of context but instead uses what she has rehearsed or heard to communicate. When I was pregnant, I was wondering whether she understands that her brother is on the way. She then one day came to me and used the scripted language that she got from a cartoon. She held my stomach and sang, “A baby is coming to the family! It’s going to be daddy, mommy baby and me!!! I can’t wait to meet the baby!!!” I cried so much because only God knows the struggle that we have endured. I am obviously writing a truncated version of what we have gone through…but all in all let me assure you it’s been tough.

I am considering switching my blog theme to focus on the challenges with my daughter’s speech. I searched for Christian/Spiritual blogs about challenges with developmental delays but could not find anything. I hope that someone out there benefits from these candid blog entries that I will be sharing frequently.

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