Chicken Caesar wrap with a side of COURAGE!

I love to smile; it’s just the love of God that radiates from the inside out. It is infectious! Well, this smile went a long way this Friday. It has been sending mixed signals to a certain someone…

Last Friday I could not stop thinking about the chicken Caesar wrap that this traditional deli sells. The deli is right opposite my office, so it quite the “hop, skip and jump” away. Or pretty much “run across the street” away.

One of the employees there was super excited to assist me. With a big smile I said, “Chicken Caesar wrap please, with a pickle on the side”. I grabbed my chips and soda as I patiently waited. This traditional deli is the most awesome place ever and everyone in the city loves it. So by the time I placed my order, there was a winding line with many eager customers.

The employee who had assisted me earlier gave me his hand and he introduced himself formally. I shook his hand and introduced myself too. When my order was ready, the same employee looked dead in my face and another individual nudged him. That is when he retrieved a notepad. This is when I told myself, “OH LORD….He is not going to ask for my number. Not in front of all these people. Oh gosh, what will I say. I have no ring and if I say I am married he will dismiss me. I also do not want to embarrass him ”. Lo! And Behold, he did exactly what I thought to myself in that split second. He boldly yelled, “Can I have your number” I felt like hiding under a rock. We had an audience and I wanted the earth to open and swallow me whole. That is when I crept towards the counter (trying to be discreet and prevent his embarrassment), grabbed my Caesar wrap and whispered, “I will be back”. That is when his facial expression changed and he was like, “Oh no!” Everyone in the store laughed and I could hear a couple gasp for air. That is when I ran as fast as I could to the cashier (ok -not exactly, but play along with my dramatic scene, will you?) and I paid for my fabulous wrap and cruised across the street.

I shared this story with my colleague and I told her that this individual either had hearty courage or plain stupidity. Why would he whip out a notepad and ask for my number in front of a gazillion people?  She suggested that I call the store and ask to speak to the employee in order to explain myself. I declined to do so. I called my husband instead…. See this ordeal brought a concern that I have had for a very long time. I am traditionally married/engaged and I have no ring. I don’t want to beg for one but I just wanted to tell my hubby. He was very amused with the story and laughed so hard. This is the most courageous “phone number request” ever that brings me to the close of this post.

This is one of those random blog posts that is in between 2 thoughtful posts. Makes no sense at all!

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