Terrorism in Kenya- Thika Blasts

On August 7th 1998, I was in our childhood home in Upper Hill. It was a beautiful colonial home that kind of had an unusual structure. It was a bungalow and somewhat elevated, kind of like a house on stilts.  We were very close to the Central Business District in Nairobi. I was playing around with my younger sisters. I can re-call we were running around the dinning table when we heard a loud blast and the house shook.

We lived nearby a local police station and the guards nearby were talking about some blast that happened in the town. This was something strange; we had never experienced such an atrocity. As a child I could neither explain nor even fathom what I felt or what I heard. The thought that people would come with ill will to harm us. A little later a relative of ours came, bloodied and he requested my elder brother to take him to the hospital. He probably walked all the way from the Central Business District. That was when we switched on the news. There was a bomb blast in Nairobi and a building had collapsed.

On August 7th 1998, I was ten years old. Ten!  I still have images of the American Ambassador to Kenya- Bushnell being rushed out of the town.

I am saddened that Kenya has yet again been attacked, repeatedly, in an attempt to instill fear in the hearts of the regular wananchi (citizens). I am saddened that children are now getting to feel the fear I felt when I was 10- on a daily basis.

I heard about the blasts on Thika road today and even watched a video of innocent citizens who have been dismembered due to the blast. I cried, I cried, “Holy Spirit, what is this?”

I have got to understand quite a bit this past few years regarding lots of things i.e. forgiveness, love, faith etc. However, I am yet to come close to an answer for this.

Obviously, the government is partly to blame because of corrupt systems in placed that entertained “chai/bribes” for so many years. These same systems are now sheltering the enemy.

I want this terrorism issue to end! Period! I want us not be worried about whether we will be blown up at a bus terminal or at a marathon but rather worry about the silly stuff…you know…what matatu will come. What will be the fare etc.

I don’t know the solution to this, but I am so touched by this issue. I pray that the Holy Spirit will counsel me and guide me on this. My heart bleeds for Kenya, my heart bleeds for the victims.

One thought on “Terrorism in Kenya- Thika Blasts

  1. Pole sana rafiki, its indeed sad that innocent people are victimised…. Your option to pray and call upon the Lord for a solution is perfect!
    But competent authorities in the Kenyan goverment should fulfil their responsibilities to have a peaceful Kenya…let us di our best and God will surely do the rest
    Poleni sana… We in arusha tz feel fir you our bros and sisters


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